The dean of Khabat Technical Institute was replaced

Today, Wednesday, December 24, 2024, a change was made in the post of Dean of Khabat Technical Institute.
Among the former Dean M. Soran Zanoon Yasin and the new Dean A.P Kawa Khalil Miran took office.
In the presence of Dr. Mawlod Khader, Vice Dean, Heads of Departments and members of the Institute Council held a ceremony to exchange the post of Dean.

The University Rector receives a delegation from OSMOS of Lithuania

On Tuesday, the 23rd of December, 2024, Prof. Dr. Edrees Muhamad Tahir Harki, the Rector of the Erbil Polytechnic University, received a delegation from OSMOS Organization for the International Relations in Lithuania.

The delegation consisted of Mr. Žilvinas Švedkauskas, the organization’s director, Egle Dmukauskaite, the Head of the Administration and Economy, and Mantas Adomėnas, the Former Deputy of the Foreign Minister.

The purpose of the visit is to build relationship between our university and the University of Lithuania, especially in the fields of student exchange and training in ICT.

It is worth mentioning that the organization is funded by the European Union and the Government of Lithuania, and their current goal is to strengthen academic and scientific relations with Kurdistan and Iraqi universities.

The Dean of Mergasor Technical Institute held several important meetings in the United Arab Emirates

The Dean of Mergasor Technical Institute held several important meetings in the United Arab Emirates
Last week, Dr. Talib Mohammed Sharif Omer, Dean of Mergasor Technical Institute/Erbil Polytechnic University, arrived in Dubai, UAE on an official visit, held several important scientific meetings in the fields of developing academic collaborations to build academic cooperation between Mergasor Technical Institute/Erbil Polytechnic University and the United Arab Emirates universities.
On Wednesday, 17th Jan, 2024, Dr Omer visited Wollongong University in Dubai. He was warmly welcomed by Tatyana Yekimova, business developer and head of Communications Affairs of Wollongong University. In a meeting, discussions were held on the development of academic relations in the common areas of interest between Erbil Polytechnic University and Wollongong University so that they can benefit from each other in the future Working on joint workshop. The scientific joint research project was another topic of the meeting.
On Thursday, Jan 18, 2024, the Dean of the Institute visited Dubai University and was officially welcomed by Professor Dr. Hussein Al-Ahmad, Vice Rector for Scientific Affairs and Academic Relations, and Professor Dr. Wathiq Mansour, Dean of the College of Engineering and Information Technology.
In the meeting, after a brief discussion about the development situation in Kurdistan as a beautiful example of coexistence, they discussed the strategy of Erbil Polytechnic University and Mergasor Technical Institute in the field of internationalization. Also, they put emphasis on establishing academic relations and developing the common scientific fields between Mergasor Technical Institute / Erbil Polytechnic University, and Dubai University.
These areas include academic capacity development, student exchange, staff and teacher training, and conducting joint scientific activities and research. Another topic of the meeting was related to renewable energy, especially that the engineers of the university took the initiative to establish a renewable energy project that provides electricity to the university and sell part of it The university’s strategy is to work in the field of renewable energy. For this purpose, coordination between the two universities is key to develop projects, laboratories and scientific departments in the future, especially with the University of Dubai, one of the most advanced public universities.
During the visit, the Dean of the Institute toured the laboratories of the university in the field of engineering, technology and electronics.
It is worth mentioning that the Dean of the Institute after meeting with the officials of the University of Wollongong and Dubai, presented them with the logo of the institute and our university with a painting of the beautiful nature of Kurdistan.

A Worthy Farewell Ceremony Was Held For The Vice Rectors And A Number Of Deans Of Colleges And Institutes

On Monday, the 22nd of December, 2024, in the presence of Prof. Dr. Abdulfattah Abdulrazzaq, the Minister Deputy of the Higher Education and Scientific Research, Head of the Aso Regional Committee (PDK), and a significant number of teachers and employees, the farewell ceremony was held for the Vice Rectors and a number of deans.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Prof. Dr. Edrees Muhamad Tahir Harki, the Rector of the Erbil Polytechnic University welcomed the guests and said: “Ladies and Gentlemen, we have gathered here today to honor several teachers who have served in various positions in the Erbil Polytechnic University, including Vice Rectors, Deans, the Director of Scientific Research Center and Director of the Public Registration Administration and positions, especially when they received ranks and positions was a difficult task, including the economic crisis, the war against ISIS, the coronavirus epidemic, which have all been obstacles to their work, despite all these crises, but they continued They gave a lot to get to that day. We must remember the hard work they have done. They did not give up even though they faced ups and downs. With all the complaints of their teachers and employees they were the ones who endured and were able to successfully carry out their work and brought it to this day.”

Regarding the change, the university Rector said: “The issue of change has been an issue since the formation of the Kurdistan Regional Government since the first cabinet until today. Thank God we have learned that every position is handed over and no position is given to anyone till eternity. What we have seen from the Kurdistan Region president to the dean and head of department, how well we have learned the tradition to manage the institutions of the Kurdistan Regional Government, this is a very beautiful step that we have seen with our own eyes.Therefore, we must welcome these changes so that we can give others the opportunity to experience themselves and see where they can do better. There is no doubt that Erbil Polytechnic University needs those who have acquired good expertise in administrative matters, and the Erbil Polytechnic University, which we all know needs more teachers, so it certainly needs the expertise of these teachers. From now on, they must help and cooperate with those who are new to the university and the university council.

Ladies and gentlemen, we as university professors and instructors must be proud of our teaching. The highest rank in society is a university professor. It is not that someone becomes rector or dean or vice rector. We are all proud to be university professors. First of all, we must keep this in mind. In developed countries, especially in the United States, when the president’s term ends, he is looking for a job. The best job he can find is to become a teacher at a university. Therefore, teaching is alongside the person who becomes president of the United States, so we hope that these changes with a broad heart and consider themselves successful teachers and in their field can serve the country and the university. We are pleased to honor their efforts today, so we held a worthy ceremony for them.”

Afterwards, an honorary plaque was presented and a letter of appreciation was awarded to the below ones.

The dignitaries who were honored were:

Prof. Dr. Jawdat Jaafar Khatab, the Vice Rector of the Erbil Polytechnic University for Administrative and Financial Affairs.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Nageb Toma Bato, the Vice Rector of the Erbil Polytechnic University for Scientific Affairs and Higher Education.

Dr.  Brzo Hamza Dizayi, the Dean of the Erbil Technical Administration Institute.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Azad Ahmed Mahmood, the Dean of the Erbil Technical Administration College.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Botan Majid Asngar, the Dean of Erbil Technology College.

Asst. Prof. Mr. Umed Arshad Hawezi, the Dean of the Erbil Medical Technical Institute.

Mr. Sarwar Jamal Hayder, the Dean of the Choman Technical Institute.

Mr. Soran Zanun Yasin the Dean of the Khabat Technical Institute.

Miss. Pakistan Muhammed Amin the Soran Technical College.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Hemn Kakakhan Awla, the General Director of the Scientific Research Center.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Ranj Sirwan Abdullah, the Director of the International Relations Office at the University Presidency.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Sarsam Khalil Omer, the Director of Public Registration at the University Presidency.