Erbil Technical Health and Medical College

Erbil Technical Health and Medical College

It was established in 2014 and aims to graduate qualified technical staff to work in hospitals and various health centers (pathological analyses, blood bank). In the MLT department, the high diploma study was started in 2016-2017, Master 2018-2019, and Ph.D. 2020-2021.


The Department of Pathological Analysis occupies a unique scientific position in the academic scientific community and plays an effective and influential applied role in the technical, health, and medical fields, thus meeting the needs of society and the requirements of the labor market. The Department of Pathological Analysis has a sober scientific cadre and absorptive energies that enable it to achieve the visions it seeks through its teaching and technical cadres, classrooms, and laboratories in which practical teaching is conducted, which are equipped with basic and advanced equipment in the field of pathological analyzes.
In addition, the department enjoys good and constructive relations with government institutions for the purpose of training and education in their laboratories so that the student can learn about advanced equipment, how to deal with patients, live laboratory models, modern methods for analysing models and their accuracy, as well as avoiding laboratory errors for the sake of community service.


 To provide the ability to comprehend, apply and evaluate information to the role of medical laboratory science. the ability to effectively communicate and interact with patients, physicians, and other health professionals, in a manner consistent with employer standards.

Morad Amir Ahmad

Assistant professor

(Dean of College)

[email protected]

Dr. Zekra

Zekra Ali Aziz


Head of Department

[email protected]

Najat Jabbar Ahmed Berwary

Assistant professor

(Head of Department)

[email protected]


Mahdi Khaled Qadir


(Head of Department)

[email protected]

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