Khabat Technical Institute

Khabat Technical Institute

The institute was established in 2009-2010. It is located in Khabat district on the banks of the Great Zabi River and the main road between Erbil and Mosul, where is about 37 km western of Erbil. It has currently five scientific departments in the morning; including, Plant Protection, Plant Products, Information Technology, Legal Administration and Food Security and Public Health; as well as, (Legal Administration – Plant Products – Information Technology) in the evening. The departments accept students of scientific branches and vocational school for morning, parallel and evening studies, and department of legal administration accepts literary students as well. Graduates learn modern techniques in science. This institute is considered a great achievement to people of Khabat district particularly to poor and low-income students who can’t continue their studies in other destinations. The main aim of the institute is to graduate experienced and skilled cadres in their own scientific disciplines in order to develop the Kurdistan Region. Staff numbers of the institute is about 170; including, 41 academics (2 assistant professors, 10 lecturers, 19 assistant lecturers and 9 academics without titles). In addition, the institute has one high diploma, 37 bachelors and 92 technicians in various areas and working in departments and administrative. Land area of the foundation is about 23.75 hectares. About 1181 students have been gradated since the foundation of the institute.



Graduates learn science in modern techniques, this institute is a great achievement for the residents of Khabat district, especially poor and low-income students who can not continue their studies away from their place of residence Before the establishment of the Kurdistan Region.


To provide students with a transformational educational experience that emphasizes deep discipline knowledge, problem solving, leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills, as well as personal health and well-being.

To impact society in a transformative way — regionally, nationally, and globally

Institute Council Members


Dean of Institute

Kawa Khalil Miran

Assistant professor
[email protected]

Assistant Dean

Maulod Khadir Muhammed
[email protected]

Head of IT Department

Kareem Ibrahim Karem
Assistant Lecturer
[email protected]

Head of Food Security and Public Health Department

Runj Mouhamednajat Mazher

Assistant Lecturer
[email protected]

Head of Plant Protection Department

Neyaz Rashid Mustafa
[email protected]

Head of Legal Administration Department

Nihro Asaad Abdullah
Assistant Lecturer
[email protected]

Head of Plant Products Department

Nazar Muhammed Samen
Assistant Lecturer
[email protected]

Information Technology Department

_Legal_ Administration Department

Food Security and Public Health Department

Medicinal Plants Production

Plant Protection Department

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