Food Security and Public Health Department

Food Security and Public Health Department

The department was established in the academic year of 2020-2021 and received the first batch of its students which was a total of 32 students in the academic year of 2021-2022. Currently, the students are ongoing in the second stage (third semester).

Food security & public health as a national inclusive attempt via independent research, education, training, and insistence support of the quality control duties in addition to increasing the incomes is participant in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. It is working via developing quality and quantitively of agriculture and the animal products by the presence of our institute in all relative aspects, also to set a keen, creative, and professional staff to support solving the necessities of the developed health monitoring for all the people and to develop producing healthy food for the population of the area

Department objectives:

Generally, the purpose of food security & public health department in the region is training the learners professionally and technically to identify, evaluate, and work on the healthy requirements of healthy individuals, their families, and the community in general.

In general, the goals can be summarized in below points:

  1. Strengthening health system in the region.
  2. Ensuring that the commercial agreements are developing public health.
  3. Towards a continuous and healthy system.
  4. Developing the thesis of food for the quality of health and life.
  5. Targeting healthy thesis of fat, chronic diseases, and the components of vital food, developing quality control of food and educational program for the population who are under serious concerns of unhealthy life.


Ensuring Food Security for citizens of the country to be a leader in propelling sustainable agricultural development.


Promoting agricultural health and food safety. Promoting food security. Making food grains accessible at reasonable prices, especially to the weak errand vulnerable sections of the society.

Foo Security and Public Health Department Council Members


Head of Food Security and Public Health Department

Runj Mouhamednajat Mazher

Assistant Lecturer
[email protected]

Waleed Ahmed Hamadameen

[email protected]

Isra Suliman Huseen
[email protected]
First Semester
Theory (hrs.)Practical (hrs.)Tutorial (hrs.)WorkloadModule
1Kurdology KUR101335135RequestKurdish
2English Skills 1ENS1022 246162RequestEnglish
3Computer EssentialCOE103334108RequestEnglish
4Principles of Food SciencePFS10423510270Core ModuleEnglish
5Introduction to law StudyILS1052025135Core ModuleKurdish
Second Semester
Theory (hrs.)Practical (hrs.)Tutorial (hrs.)WorkloadModule
1English Skills 2 ENS2012024108Assist ModuleEnglish
2Farms and Storages ManagementFSM2022356162Assist ModuleEnglish
3Agricultural Legislation 1AGL2032026162Core ModuleKurdish
4General MicrobiologyGEM2041346162Core ModuleEnglish
5Food SafetyFOS2051348216Core ModuleEnglish
Third Semester
Theory (hrs.)Practical (hrs.)Tutorial (hrs.)WorkloadModule
1Marketing ManagementMAM3012025135RequestEnglish
2Food ProcessingFOP3022358216Core ModuleEnglish
3Agricultural Legislation 2AGL3032026162Core ModuleKurdish
4Principles of StatisticsPOS3042356162Core ModuleEnglish
5Human NutritionHUN3052025135RequestEnglish
4th Semester
Theory (hrs.)Practical (hrs.)Tutorial (hrs.)WorkloadModule
1Food Quality ControlFQC4012358216Core ModuleEnglish
2Dairy and Meat ProductionDMP4022358216Core ModuleEnglish
3Agro EcologyAGE4031234108Core ModuleEnglish
4Food Security LawsFSL4042026162Core ModuleEnglish
5Graduation ProjectGRP405 -224108RequestKurdish
6Summer TrainingSUT406 - - ---RequestKurdish

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