Choman Technical Institute

Choman Technical Institute

Choman Institute of Technology is the first higher education center in Balakayati area established in 2009. It has been established in three parts (customs administration- information technology). The main goal of Choman Institute of Technology is to provide expert and skilled officers in all three fields for the purpose of more service of the country and the necessary development especially In the area and towards the development of the level of science in the Kurdistan Region in general. In the first year of study (2011-2012), he presented his first graduate class to the Kurdistan Regional Government to participate according to their ability to implement the documents they are assigned to in the field of graduate specialists, especially in this region, which requires many graduates to have a diploma.It has been established that the Kurdistan Region now needs many experts and academics to be able to do the work according to a middle-class method and to work towards the development of the world In all fields, it has been tried to reach students in a middle-class way and take responsibility in all parts According to the policy of the institute, it has been tried to improve the information and scientific level in the best way so that the graduates can serve in the best way according to their experts In those institutions that will be established. Now choman’s technology institute, the owner of his own building, will be opened more in the future to get the most students And most of the services are presented to the area.


Its graduates are highly valued for their strong practical and theoretical knowledge base that enables them to be immediately effective in managerial or technological positions .


– Provide a different and relevant education in an atmosphere of knowledge production and innovation in scientific, technical and vocational fields.

– To provide students with a transformative educational experience that emphasizes in-depth disciplinary knowledge, problem solving, leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills, as well as personal health and well-being.

-Impact society transformatively – regionally, nationally and globally

Institute Consul Member’s



Emad Mohammed Aziz


Dean of Choman Technical Institute

farman ahmed


Farman Ahmed Alee

 Assistant Lecture

Assistant Dean of Choman Technical Institute &

Mohammed Mustafa Alee

 Assistant Lecture

Head of  Business Administrations Department

Huner Hussen soffe

 Assistant Lecture

Head of   financial Administration Department

Abdulla Shexa Hamad

 Assistant Lecture

Head of  Information Technology Department

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Information Technology Department

Business Administrations Department

Financial Administrations Department

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