Business Administration Department

Business Administration Department

Business Administration department because of the location of the geography of the area, which expands in the field of economics and communities, and the increase in the number of population, the increase in administrative institutions and the need for more administrative experts, The preparation of this section in 2009-2010 according to the administrative order of the board of education of the team that this part of the section that is similar to With the initial establishment of the Choman Technology Institute, this section for the 2019-2020 school year is the ninth round of graduate school for female and female students who receive a diploma, Graduates can play a role in administrative, planning and organizing in the public and private sectors in a scientific way, They can also play an active role in providing services to Kurdistan in general and in the region in private.


The Department of Business Administration shares a common vision statement that includes : To be a Valued and Preferred Choice for pursuing Business Management Studies and Generate Competent Management Professionals to become part of the Industry at National and International level.


Endeavour to attract bright and intellectually curious students. Foster excellence by providing the Quality education in Business Management. Cultivating the principles of Social Responsibility, Ethics and Spiritual Values among budding managers. Developing capable Business and Community leaders. To promote self employment through Entrepreneurship.

Bniamin Shwan Mena (Deploma)

Assistant’s head of Department


Mohamed Moafak Aziz (Lecture)



Farman Ahmed alee (Assistant Lecture)




Mohammed Mustafa Alle  (assistant lecture)

Head of Business Administration Department

First Semester
No.Modules/ EnglishCodTheoretical (hrs)Practical (hrs)Total Hours/weekECTSWorkload (hrs)Subject TypeLanguage
2English Skills/1ENS1022246150RequestEnglish
3Computer Essentials COE1030334100RequestEnglish
4Business Administration Principles BAP1042469225CoreKurdish/ Arabic English
5Statistic PrinciplesSTP1051236150CoreEnglish/ Arabic/ Kurdish
Second Semester
No.Modules/ EnglishCodTheoretical (hrs)Practical (hrs)Total Hours/weekECTSWorkload (hrs)Subject TypeLanguage
1English Skills /2ENS 2012246150RequestEnglish
2Economic PrinciplesECP 2021235125CoreEnglish/ Arabic/
3Websites ManagementWEM2031346150CoreEnglish
4Managerial CorrespondenceMAC2042247175CoreEnglish/ Arabic/
5Accounting PrinciplesACP2052246150AssistEnglish/ Arabic/
Therd Semester
No.Modules/ EnglishCodTheoretical (hrs)Practical (hrs)Total Hours/weekECTSWorkload (hrs)Subject TypeLanguage
1Marketing Management MAM 3012358200CoreKurdish/
English/ Arabic
2Human Resources ManagementHRM3022247175CoreKurdish/
English/ Arabic
3Commercial LawCOL3032135125AssistArabic/ Kurdish English
4Computer AdvancedCOA3040334100AssistEnglish
5Secretary & Office Management SOM3052246150CoreArabic/ Kurdish
Fourth Semester
No.Modules/ EnglishCodTheoretical (hrs)Practical (hrs)Total Hours/weekECTSWorkload (hrs)Subject TypeLanguage
1Electoral ManagementELM 4011347175CoreEnglish/ Kurdish
2Organization TheoryORT 4022246150CoreArabic /Kurdish/
3Crisis& Time Management CTM 4032246150CoreKurdish/ Arabic
4Material ManagementMAM 4042246150CoreArabic /Kurdish/
5Entrepreneurship&  Micro ProjectEMP 4051235100AssistEnglish /Arabic/

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