Pedagogy Center

Pedagogy Center

Pedagogical Training and Academic Development Center

The center of pedagogical training and academic development at EPU was established in 2019. The main aim of this center is to offer high quality of pedagogical training, which helps developing teachers (academics) for the universities in Kurdistan region. Such training facilitates preparing teachers with innovative competencies necessary for delivering learning materials, creating learning environment, designing curriculum and employment of different assessment tools in the learning process. The training focuses on developing core competences such as digital, facilitative, communicative, ethical, evaluative and entrepreneurial competences. The first training course started in 2019 and now the center is running the training course number 7 with 82 participants.

The center of pedagogical training and academic development at EPU is established to be an active factor to support the reform process in the higher education system lunched by the ministry of the higher education and scientific research in Kurdistan region. At our center, we seek developing a paradigm shift in the academic professional development. We look for providing our university and the local community with competent academic staff in order to that our center be nationally recognized as a model center for promoting high quality of teaching and learning.

The mission is to acquire perfection and innovation in teaching, learning and scholarly activities at the Erbil Polytechnic University. The mission at our center is to prepare academic staff (teachers) known for their competences in facilitating learning process and creating decent learning environment. The center promotes for training that focuses on developing core competences (learning outcomes) such as digital, facilitative, communicative, ethical, evaluative and entrepreneurial. These can be achieved through the following objectives.

  • Supporting and developing both learning and teaching environments.
  • Effectively applying modern ICT tools and platforms and the effective integration of technology during teaching and learning.
  • Applying Student Center Approach during the learning and teaching process.
  • Employing innovative pedagogical approaches to deliver learning materials and creating learning environments and utilizing different assessment tools.
  • Promoting research culture to support advancing and modernizing teaching and learning.
  • Promoting quality curriculum design and analysis.
  • Promoting quality university working environment and entrepreneurship skills.
  • Collaborating with university partners and private sector.

Assessment for Learning

Different assessment approaches, criteria and tools are employed in the various modules taught in the pedagogical training course for teacher professional development. These assessment approaches are utilized to evaluate the achievement of the learning outcomes of each module. Both formative and summative assessment are used. However, the focus is more on using formative assessment tools. Assessment tools such as continuous assessment, portfolio, report, projects, peer assessment, presentations, seminars, self-assessment, assignments, learning diaries, reflections, … etc. are employed.

Administration Team:

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