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Erbil Technical Medicine Institute was first established as an independent institute on 7-11-2007. The Erbil Institute of Technical Medicine recently has several departments serving all kinds of medical fields such as (pharmacy, optometry, nursing, dental assistant, radiology, midwifery,medical labratory technology, and anesthesia).


To ensure the all-round professional development of students including social concerns and to become globally competitive through quality education so as to develop global competences in the emerging areas of Health Sciences, Science and, technology.


  • To contribute towards knowledge generation and dissemination
  • To promote ethical and value-based learning
  • To develop global competencies
  • To nurture creativity and encourage entrepreneurship
  • To enhance employability and contribute to human resource development
  • To promote health and wellness amongst students, staff & community
  • To produce thought provoking health care leaders for the society keeping the eco/societal conservation concerns

Institue Council Members

Erbil Technical Medicine Institute has a dean’s office and assistant dean who have an important role in the development process and through their continuous efforts, the institute is progressing day by day

mamosta umed

Institute Dean

Aumed Arshad Hawezy

Assistant Professor

Aumed Arshad Hawezy (


Head Of Radiology Department

Dr. Sarwar Ibrahim Salh


Sarwar Ibrahim Saleh (


Head Of Nursing Department

Pshtiwan Thahr Majeed


Peshtewan Thaher Majeed (


Assistant Dean

Moharram Yassn Mohammed


Muharam Yaseen Mohammed (


Head Of Optometry Department

Dr. Morad Amir Ahmed

Assistant Professor

Morad Amir Ahmad (


Head Of Midwifery Department

Mahabad Mhamad Hussien


Mahabad Mohammed Hussein (


Head Of Anesthesia Department

Dr.Nabaz Faisal Shakr Agha

Assistant Professor

Nabaz Fisal Shakir (


Head of Dental Assistant Department

Diyar Bakr Saber

Assistant Lecturer

Diyar Bakr Sabir (


Head of Pharmacy Department

Sardar Qadir Umer


Sardar Qadir Umer (

Midwifery Department

Dental Assistant Department

Pharmacy Department

Anesthesia Department

Nursing Department

Radiology Department

Optometry technology

medical laboratory technology

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