Anesthesia Department

The Department of Anesthesia was established in 1988 also the department awards a diploma in anesthesiology technician. Description of the graduate’s work as an anesthesia technician. The Department of Anesthesia is proud of being one of the departments of the Technical Medical Institute, that prestigious institute, which contributes to the graduation of a specialized and efficient medical cadre thanks to the efforts of its Deanship, its competent affiliates, and the determination and perseverance of its distinguished students, asking God Almighty to provide them all with strength and determination to provide the community with an efficient medical cadre that contributes to the care and service of the community.


The department aims to graduate technical staff working in the field of anesthesia in operating and recovery theatres and pulmonary resuscitation units through preparing and preparing anesthesia devices, following up on the regularity of their work and taking care of them, and following up on the patient’s condition during anesthesia and under the supervision of a doctor.

The Department aspires to be a leading department in the field of technical education locally and internationally academically and professionally

It also aspires to have distinguished products theoretically and practically by providing the best knowledge programs in the field of anesthesia technology.


Improving the quality of education in the field of Anesthesia Technology to improve the student’s skills and insure achieving knowledge by adopting the best methods and programs of teaching.

Implementing the latest technology in training and practical practice. Preparing the graduates to work effectively at the operation theatres and the health centers.


Nabaz Faisal Shakir Agha

Head Of Department (Assistant Professor)

Nabaz Fisal Shakir (


Alia Talaat Abdulrahman

Assistant Lecturer

Alia Talaat Abdulrahman (


Shereen Mahmood Noori

Advance Medical Technique

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Lana Refaat Abdulrahman

Assistant Lecturer

Lana Refaat Abdulrahman (


Kawa Mohammed Kareem

Assistant Lecturer

Kawa Mohammed Kareem (


Salah Hasan Ali


Salah Hasan Ali (


Tahseen Abda Abdullah


Tahseen Abdah Abdullah (


Zara Ahmed Saleh

Decision Maker

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Hawzhin Muhadeddin Saleh

Assistant Lecturer

Hawzhin Mohadeddin Saleh (


Ahmed Hisham Sleman


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First Semester

No.Name of modulesCodeTheory hoursPractical hoursTotal Hours /WeekECTSWorkloadSpecialtyLanguage
1Kurdology KUR1013_35135Assesment English
2English skillsENS1022246162Assesment English
3Computer EssentialsCOE103_334108Assesment English
4Principles of anesthesia IPRA1042468216BasicEnglish
5Principles of Human AnatomyPHA1052247189BasicEnglish
Total  2030810  English

         Second Semester

No.Name of modulesCodeTheory hoursPractical hoursTotal Hours /WeekECTSWorkloadSpecialtyLanguage
1English languageENL2012_24108AdvanceEnglish
2Principles of anesthesia IIPRA2022468216BasicEnglish
3Principles of Human physiologyPHP2032246162BasicEnglish
4Medical microbiologyMEM2042246162BasicEnglish
5Principles of medical physics
and chemistry
Total  2030810  English

         Third Semester

No.Name of modulesCodeTheory hoursPractical hoursTotal Hours /WeekECTSWorkloadSpecialtyLanguage
2Intensive careINC3022357189CoreEnglish
3Medicine & SurgeryMES3032246162BasicEnglish
4Professional ethicsPRE3042 24108Generalkurdish
5Anesthesia Instruments TechnoAIT3052246162BasicEnglish
Total  2030810  English

Fourth Semester

No.Name of modulesCodeTheory hoursPractical hoursTotal Hours /WeekECTSWorkloadSpecialtyLanguage
2Intensive careINC4022357189CoreEnglish
3Medicine & SurgeryMES4032246162BasicEnglish
5Graduated  ProjectGRP405 446160BasicEnglish
Total  2130810  English

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