Plant Protection Department

Plant Protection Department

This department was founded in 2008, and it graduate yearly between 25-40 students. The first graduate was in 2010.  The department prepares its graduates for field to work directly on infected plants including diseases and insects. In addition, the graduates well learn the science practically in field and laboratory to improve their experience in the future.

Department Objective:

To obtain general information about field crops and horticulture and their pests control including (diseases + insects) by using different method to control them; such as, biological, physics, cultural and chemical, and unifying theoretical information with practical skills to manage pests; as well as, beneficial insects such as bee keeping.


The vision of the Department is to reach a structure which will contribute to contemporary science and technology by supplying high quality of graduates. For this purpose, the Department ensures the sharing of information on plant health.


The mission of the Department is to assist students to become decisive and hardworking specialized in Plant Protection. Also, the Department aims to determine the diseases, pests and weeds of the cultured plants in Kurdistan region in order to prevent loss of product yield and quality by applying the eco-friendly integrated control methods against plant diseases, pests and weeds; to produce solutions for addressing plant health problems by preparing and implementing projects.

Plant Production Department Council Members


Head of Plant Production Department

Neyaz Rashid Mustafa
[email protected]
Heman Kakakhan Awala
Assistant Professor
[email protected]
First Semester
Theory (hrs.)Practical (hrs.)Tutorial (hrs.)WorkloadModule
1Kurdology KUR101335135University ModuleKurdish
2English SkillsENS1022 246162University ModuleEnglish
3Computer EssentialCOE103334108University ModuleEnglish
4General botanyGEB1042357189Basic ModuleKurdish
5Plant productionPLP1052358216Basic ModuleEnglish
Second Semester
Theory (hrs.)Practical (hrs.)Tutorial (hrs.)WorkloadModule
1English SkillsENS201-24108University ModuleEnglish
2Tractors and Control EquipmentsTCE2022357189Core ModuleEnglish
3Principles of pest controlPPC2031346162Core ModuleKurdish
4Principle of plant protectionPPP2042357189Core ModuleEnglish
5Bee keepingBEK2051346162Core ModuleKurdish
Third Semester
Theory (hrs.)Practical (hrs.)Tutorial (hrs.)WorkloadModule
1Field crop InsectsFCI3011346162Core ModuleKurdish
2Field crop diseasesFCD3022356162Core ModuleEnglish
3Biological controlBIC3032356162Core ModuleKurdish
4Non-insect animal pestsNAP3041346162Core Module Kurdish
5Statistical and Experimental DesignSED3051326162Request English
4th Semester
Theory (hrs.)Practical (hrs.)Tutorial (hrs.)WorkloadModule
1Orchard insectsORI4011346162Core ModuleKurdish
2Orchard DiseasesORD4022357189Core ModuleEnglish
3Weeds ControlWEC4031346162Core ModuleKurdish
4Insect Taxonomy INT4042358216Core ModuleEnglish
5Graduation ProjectGRP405 -22381RequestKurdish
6Summer TrainingSUT406 - - ---RequestKurdish

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