The University Rector receives a delegation from the University Institute

On Sunday, the 11th of February, 2024, Prof. Dr. Edrees Muhamad Tahir Harki, the Rector of the Erbil Polytechnic University, received Dr. Sally Bryan, the Vice Rector of University Institute and his accompanying delegation.

In a meeting where the Vice Rector for Scientific Affairs and Higher Education, the General Director of the Scientific Research Center, and Director of the Language Center of our university were present, both universities discussed the building relationship as a starting point to open a training course for academic and administrative staff of our university conducted by the named institute.

This course aims to strengthen the English language, especially in the field of conversation and some pedagogical issues that are conducted for our university teachers, which in the future will be within the framework of the Memorandum of Understanding between our university and the University Institute.

The course is scheduled to consist of six to eight groups and will last for four weeks starting at the end of April.

کۆبونەوەی ئەنجومەنی کۆلێژ

رۆژی ٥-٢-٢٠٢٤ بەسەرپەرشتی بەڕێز پ.ی.دکتۆر عبدالخالق نادر قادر سەرۆکی ئەنجومەنی کۆلێژی تەکنیکی شەقڵاوە و بڕیاردەرو ئەندامانی ئەنجومەنی کۆلێژ کۆبونەوەی ئاسایی ئەنجامدرا ، لە کۆبونەوەکە گفتوگۆ سەبارەت چەندین پرسی زانستی و خوێندن و دەستپێکردنی وەرزی نوێی خوێندن کران و چەندین بڕیاردران لە بواری زانستی و کارگێڕی و خوێندن

خولی ڕاهێنان لە بواری گەشت و گوزار

رۆژی ٢٧-١-٢٠٢٤ بە ئامادەبونی بەڕێز سەرۆکی زانکۆمان کۆتایی هات بە خولێک کە لەچوارچێوەی خولی ڕاهێنان له نيوان زانكۆكەمان و ڕێكخراوي ILO لە عەنکاوە ڕویال هوتێل بەڕێوەچو ، گرنگی كردنەوەی خولی ڕاهينان له بواري گه شت و گوزار و بەرزكردنەوەی كارامەیی ئاستی خوێندنی گەشتياري هوتيل بۆ ماموستايان و كارمەندانی پسپۆر له بەشی كارگێڕی گەشت و گوزار له كوليژەكەمان سودێکی زۆری هەیە ، به ناوی به شه كه مان ده ست خوشي له سەرۆكايەتی زانكوكه مان و راگری كۆليژمان٠ سەرۆکایەتی به شی كارگێڕی دەزگاكانی گەشتياری ٢٧-١-٢٠٢٤

The University Rector visits Erbil Chamber of Commerce and Industry

On Tuesday, the 6th of February, 2024, Prof. Dr. Edrees Muhamad Tahir Harki, the Rector of the Erbil Polytechnic University, visited the Erbil Chamber of Commerce and Industry to congratulate the new staff.

The delegation consisted of Asst. Prof. Dr. Botan Majid Ahmed, the Vice Rector for the Scientific Affairs and Higher Education; Asst. Prof. Dr. Yousef Mustafa Rasul, the Vice Rector for the Student Affairs, Asst. Prof. Dr. Ranj Sirwan Abdullah, the General Director of the Research Center, Mr. Kovan Omar, the Director of the Career Development Center, and Mr. Zanyar Jabar, a Lecturer in the Erbil Technical Administrative College.

The delegation was warmly welcomed by Mr. Gaylan Haji Saeed, the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Kamran Salah Bajger and Mr. Marouf Azizkhan Harki, the Vice Presidents of the Chamber, Mr. Ibrahim Gardi and Ms. Shirin Yahya, the members of the Executive Council of the Chamber.

In the meeting, the Rector of the the Erbil Polytechnic University mentioned the importance of the chamber in cooperating with universities and working together through companies, which will ultimately benefit both the government and graduates, thus reducing the burden on the government and graduates in terms of job opportunities for graduates. Therefore, we hope that the staff of both sides will work together to provide significant services.

The Rector said “Before, the university’s job was to graduate students for the government and employ them, but now the university’s job is to find jobs for them at the same time. We want to work together in this field through such workshops and exhibitions and introduce students to companies that can find jobs. The Department of Automotive and Marketing at our university provides direct employment for students, but we still need more assistance”.

From his side, the President of the Erbil Chamber of Commerce and Industry welcomed the delegation and supported the words of the Rector of the University and said, we will certainly cooperate on our part and we will work together with full planning and collaboration.

He also said: I think the universities should do research on how to find job opportunities for students and graduates, we will help according to our ability and support, rest assured that we will not neglect and we will help.