EPU International Office Announcement

EPU International Office Announcement

EPU Staff Recruitment for an International Virtual Challenge between EPU Students and USA Students


After almost completion of the first cohort of the Global Solutions Sustainability Challenge Program, the International Office in collaboration with IREX Organization announces the second cohort for Spring 2020. This program focuses on cultural exchange, business sustainability and development, and making a difference in the community. Moreover, students will gain workforce skills of entrepreneurial thinking, cross cultural communication, team collaboration, empathy, critical thinking, creative problem solving, adaptability, and human centred design thinking. They will also develop solutions for real global challenges and expand access to a professional network,


In this year’s challenge, only Erbil Polytechnic University, Sulaimani Polytechnic University, and Anbar University, from Kurdistan region and Iraq. The selected staff will go through the recruitment phase by the International Office then it will be nominated to participate in an extensive two days training program on how to run and guide students who participate in the program.

The requirements:

  1. The facilitator (applicant) must speak English language fluently in order to communicate with partners in the USA.
  2. The facilitator must be available for at least four hours per week.
  3. The program will run in the afternoon, mostly between 3-7 pm. This is because of the time difference between the USA and our students’ classes.
  4. The facilitator must be committed to complete the program within 10 weeks.
  5. Once selected, it will be the responsibility of the facilitator to recruit students.

It worth mentioning that the top three finalist teams win a grant to make their prototype a reality. The Global Solutions Sustainability Challenge Program is a virtual exchange in partnership with American students in the USA and Jordanian students in Jordan. The program is supported by Stevens Initiative, sponsored by the US Department of State, administered by Aspen Institute, and implemented by IREX.

The interview process will take place on 5th November 2019 at 10:00 am in the International Office of EPU Presidency. The interested applicants must attend the interview where they will be given further details about the program.

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