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Erbil Polytechnic University Manages An International Training Course Of Programming

Within the activities of the International Relations Office Department of the EPU Presidency an international training course was opened by the this department in the programming and simulation field at both Erbil Technology College and Erbil technical Engineering College that will continue for five days. The lecturers and higher education students will participate in this course.

It is worth mentioning that this activity is within the Memorandum of Understanding Agreement points which was signed by Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences of Germany and our university in which the recent and newest developments of the fields were clarified for the attendees theoretically and practically.

This training course was specialized for the EPU lecturers and post graduate students in the programming and simulation fields that lasted for five days, every day for five hours in the Erbil technology college and Erbil Technical Engineering college.

Erbil Polytechnic University Arranges A Seminar For Mr. Dlshad Wasani

On Tuesday 1st of March 20022 at 03:00 PM, Erbil Polytechnic University arranged a seminar “Barzani, Immortal as a Leader in the Twenty’s Century” for the Author and Journalist Mr. Dlshad Wasani in the Celebration Hall of the EPU presidency.

In this session, the University Rector Asst. Prof. Dr. Kawa Sherwani, the Cultural and political Consultant of Mr. Masud Barzani, the Head of Aso Zanko Sector Mr. Lawand Dizayi, the Head of Ainda Sector Mr. Kwan Qasab, the General Director of the Cultural Ministry, Mr. Halgurd Jundyani, several University Council Members, lecturers, and students were present.

The EPU presidency arranged this seminar for the 43rd anniversary of president Mullah Mustafa Barzani. At the beginning of the event, the University Rector Asst. Prof. Dr. Kawa Abdulkareem Sherwani presented a speech where he welcomed the panelists, guests, and governmental and party’s official members.

Then, the panelists started presenting the seminar, and Mr. Dlshad Wasani talked about the early life period of Mullah Mustafa Barzani. He spoke about Barzani’s role in the 1931-1932 revolutions to defend Mergasur and Sherwan Centers.

He talked about the establishment of the Mahabad Republic as they appointed Mullah Mustafa Barzani as an Army General in the Kurdistan Republic. He also mentioned the post- Mahabad Republic when Barzani and his accompanied group went together to the past Soviet Union and received them as glow and victory symbols by people.

Mr. Dilshad Wasani spoke about the Aylul (September) Revolution in which Mullah Mustafa Barani announced against the Baghdad Authority and continued till the 11th of March 1970. Aylul Revolution led by Barzani obliged the Iraq regime to negotiate and agree on March 1970 Agreement. According to this agreement, the Kurdish People will share governing Iraq, and for the first time, the Kurdish Language became a formal language. Furthermore, Autonomy System was implemented in Kurdistan; accordingly, Kurdish People would govern themselves in their region.

Later, Mr. Wasani mentioned many historical events in which Barzani symbolized peace and fairness among the minority with different religions. He was surrounded by many official people who were not Muslim and Kurdish.

A part of this session was dedicated to attendees’ees’ discussions and questions which the panelist responded.

At the end, his Excellency our university Rector Asst. Prof. Dr. Kawa Aboulkareem Sherwani expressed his appreciation and gratitude towards Mr. Dilshad Wasani and offered him the EPU Placket.

The 8th Annual International Engineering Conference Between Erbil Polytechnic University And International TISHK University Has Started

On Wednesday 23rd of February 2022, the Eighth International Engineering Conference began between Erbil Polytechnic University and International TISHK University supported by (EEE Triple-Iraq) in the International Erbil Hotel. The official people of governmental and non-governmental institutions were present in this conference like the representative of the Higher Education and Scientific Research Ministry Representative Dr. Mohammed Hussein Ahmed, the President of Supervision Quality Insurance in the Higher Education and Scientific Research Ministry, the Head of the Second Branch of the Democratic Kurdistan Party Mr. Ahmed Kani, the Administrative and Financial Director of the Council of Ministers Divan Sanaw Faraydun Jwanroyi, the President of the Erbil Governorate Council Dr. Ali Rashid, the Erbil Governor Deputy Mr. Hemn Qader, and several governmental and private university presidents.

After listening to the national anthem of Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, the EPU Rector presented a statement. He said: “It is my great pleasure today to welcome you to the 8th annual International Engineering Conference in collaboration with TISHK International University and the support of I triple E Iraq Section.”

Dear guests, since 2014, we have held this conference with our colleagues from the Faculty of Engineering at TISHK International University. Our partnership has been strengthening throughout the years.

Our aim from such conferences is to build a concrete platform for our local academic staff and researchers with international academics. The forum has provided great long-term sharing of knowledge and discussing the latest issues and the current hot topics worldwide.

This year, the conference will be presented face to face in addition to the availability of an online platform. IEC 2022 brings together more than 130 academics and researchers from different academic institutions and organizations in 11 countries (China, Oman, Macaw, India, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Mexico, Senegal,  Sudan, Malaysia). They will present and share knowledge in Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, and General Engineering.

Erbil Polytechnic University aims to contribute to knowledge advancements, enhance its ranking, and improve the quality of research. Organizing international conferences is part of the EPU’s strategy towards internationalization and globalization. This step leads to enhancing the quality of life, providing better services for the community, and addressing social and regional issues and problems.

Again, I would like to welcome everyone warmly, and I hope you have a productive and fruitful two days of scientific discussions and networking.

I would also like to mention my gratitude to both universities’ great teamwork and collaboration for their hard work to make this event happen. Thanks to the higher scientific and organizing committee. I want to express my sincere appreciation to every one of you who has worked tirelessly to ensure the success of this conference.

I wish you all two fruitful days in Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan Region.

It is worth mentioning that this conference continues for two days, 23-24/02/2022. More than 130 academics and researchers from different academic institutions and organizations over 11 countries attend it to share information in various engineering fields.