Daily Archives: November 15, 2023

Erbil Polytechnic University provides 50 microscope devices for medical departments of colleges and institutes

On Wednesday, the 15th of November, 2023, in a ceremony, Prof. Dr. Edrees Muhamad Tahir Harki, the Rector of the Erbil Polytechnic University, donated 50 new Italian microscopes to the medical departments of our university.

In a ceremony where all the Council members of the Erbil Polytechnic University were present, Asst. Prof. Nageb Toma Bato, the Vice Rector for Scientific Affairs and Higher Education, delivered a speech and spoke about the need for the students and teachers of our university. He said: “The idea of providing the microscopes is resulted from an attempt of the University Rector’s effort. When he got the positions of the Rector, he visited all the technical colleges and institutes and visited the laboratories and halls. When we visited the Soran Technical Institute this idea was born. We saw that all students gathered around a single old microscope. During their visit, we saw the same picture again in the laboratory, and then there was a request from the Technical Institute to provide a microscope.

 Therefore, we decided to implement a project to improve both classrooms and laboratories and to provide equipment, we formed an expert committee of the university teachers to discuss and determine the good quality that meet the needs of students and teachers. The committee in collaboration with the Department of the Imports and Laboratories suggested that several types and models of microscope, we chose a kind of Italian which is of great quality and we provided it.

Erbil Health Technical College, Erbil Medical Technical Institute, Shaqlawa Technical College, Soran Technical College, Koya Technical Institute, Mergasur Technical Institute, Research Center according to their needs. The research center was provided with B_159 and B_190 equipment according to their needs.

It is worth mentioning that all the equipment is provided on the revenue of our university within the framework of the strategy to re-force the university’s revenue for the development and construction of the university’s infrastructure. University has provided 150 computer equipment for all colleges and colleges.