The 9th International Engineering Conference Between Erbil Polytechnic University and TISHK International University has started

On Wednesday, the 15th February, 2023, the Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Abdulfatah Abdulrazaq, the President of the Erbil Governorate Council Dr. Ali Rashid, the Deputy Governor of Erbil Massoud Karash, a number of presidents of public and private universities and the Head of the Aso Regional Committee of the Kurdistan Democratic Party Lawand Dizeyi participated in the opening ceremony of the 9th Annual International Engineering Conference between the Erbil Polytechnic University and the TISHK International University and with support of (EEE Triple-Iraq).

After listening to the Iraqi and Kurdistan national anthems, the President of the Erbil Polytechnic University, Prof. Dr. Edrees Muhamad Tahir Harki Presented his statement in which he said: “Dear guests, I am very pleased to attend the 9th Annual International Engineering Conference entitled (Towards a New Direction for Research and Development in Engineering) organized by the Erbil Polytechnic University and the TISHK International University with the support of EEE Triple-Iraq.

Dear participants, we at the Erbil Polytechnic University attach great importance to scientific research, for this purpose, we are working to hold several conferences annually to enable our teachers and researchers present their research results and publish them.

Ladies and gentlemen, holding a scientific conference has several objectives. These objectives are to bring together experts in a particular field who present their research together, exchange ideas and understanding among them, which will enable them to conduct joint research and supervise higher education students in the future. These are the general objectives of any scientific conference.

Dear respectful participants, in addition to the objectives I mentioned, this conference is a modern need for the Kurdistan Region in general and Erbil capital city in particular because today we see a widespread reconstruction in the fields of construction and technology. We hope that the research results of the teachers participating in the conference will be another support for the relevant government agencies to make better use of the existing prosperity with better techniques and technology.

We would like to thank the supervisory and organizing committees of the conference and the sponsors of the conference. I again welcome you and thank you for your participation.

Then the Deputy Minister of Higher Education delivered a speech and said: Scientific conferences have their own importance in many ways. Whilst you show a beautiful picture of universities, at the same time you have a significant impact on scientific research activities. It is also a way to bring together the minds of society to discuss, present and then solve society’s problems .In another part of his speech, the Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research pointed to the various problems of society and the challenges facing the Kurdistan Region, he said: Our region is facing various problems such as, electricity, desertification, environmental pollution, water resources, sewerage, roads and many others. All these can be solved through engineering proposals and research.

In this context, he said: Engineers should spread a culture in society that citizens and even various government institutions when building houses and buildings to rely on the materials and supplies that during the seasons, citizens less rely on heating and cooling devices in their homes. He hoped that engineers would take into account the characteristics of urbanization and culture in the design of houses and buildings.

It is worth mentioning that this conference will continue for two days on 15 and 16/2/2023, in which through (8) different panels, researchers from institutions, academic organizations and universities from (10) different countries participate in the presentation of (53) Scientific research in various fields of engineering that will be discussed and published in local and international journals after evaluation.