Erbil Polytechnic University is implementing a joint project with Quarter International

On Sunday, the 5th of February, 2023, the Rector of the University Prof. Dr. Edrees Muhamad Tahir Harki received the senior consultants of the Quarter Project in the Veterinary Sector. In the meeting, the Vice Rector for Scientific Affairs and the Director of the Career Development Center of the University Presidency were available.

The guest delegation consisted of Mark Vanstinkstik of Belgium and Brian Stains of Scotland, Senior Advisors of the Veterinary Development Sector Project in the European Union.

At the beginning, his Excellency our University Rector welcomed the guest delegation and talked about the importance and collaboration of  the Erbil Polytechnic University with the European Union universities and transferring their experience in the agriculture field and the veterinary sector, which will be an important support and encouragement for the Kurdistan Region.

Later, Mr. Mark Vanstinkstik and Mr. Brian Staines spoke about the project which has been implemented by Quater International and GIZ Germany and is funded by the European Union.

The project will last for three years which includes two main areas: Development and improvement of veterinary curricula in Shaqlawa Technical College. Sending academic staff of the department to the European Union universities, especially Belgium and the Netherlands to get acquainted with the latest technical methods of the veterinary department and how to conduct modern scientific research and solve agricultural problems to reduce and increase production.

The second aspect of the project is to pay attention to the administrative staff of the Directorate of Labor Development in the Presidency of the University, conducting several workshops in the field of capacity development and building links between the university and the labor market.