On Tuesday 4th of October 2021, Erbil Polytechnic University rewarded 200 lecturers Assistant, Professor Lecturer assistants, and Professors who gained scientific titles or were scientifically promoted.

In this ceremony, the KRG Spokesman Dr. Jutyar Adel, the Higher Education and Scientific Research Minister Deputy Dr. Abdulfatah Abdulrazaq, and several general directors, the Higher Education and Scientific Research Minister consultants, the Rector Assistants, the University Council Members were present, and the lecturers got promoted.

At the beginning of the ceremony, the EPU Rector Asst. Prof. Dr. Kawa Abdulkareem Sherwani Presented a speech in which he welcomed the guests and expressed his appreciation for their attendance in this valuable ceremony. He also congratulated the university lecturers for their remarkable achievements and sustainable success.

His Excellency, the EPU Rector, talked about our university’s progress from its beginning as a higher education establishment and technical Education Board and later Erbil Polytechnic University. He also said, “EPU has witnessed vast development in the quality and quantity of the lecturers and researches and in national and international ranking our university has seen great progress.”

The EPU Rector also said: “at the recent two years, 200 lecturers achieved scientific title or got promoted, 30 were lecturers became assistant professors, 100 lecturers gained a master degree and scientific title and advanced to assistant lecturers. Also, 30 lecturers received Ph.D. degrees, and 40 assistant lecturers became lectures after writing research. All these are our university achievements, products, and hardworking that encouraged and supported lecturers to do studies and publish them in famous magazines.

At the end of his speech, his Excellency the EPU Rector welcomed the guests, congratulated the lecturers, and wished them more success. Then, he asked the Kurdistan Region Government Spokesman and the Higher Education and Scientific Research Minister Deputy to offer the honorary certifications to the academic staff.