EPU has opened three centers to evaluate English language level

On Monday May 20th 2019, Assistant prof Dr. Kawa Sherwani the University’s president has attended opening the centers of the process of evaluating English language level of Erbil polytechnic university.

 The process lasts 10 days. It has been conducted by the ministry of higher education and scientific researches in collaboration with education first organisation.The test aims to evaluate the English language level of all the Kurdistan regional Universities staffs. For that purpose, EPU has opened three examination halls at different locations of the University.

EPU received a delegation from Placewell HRD consultant

On Wednesday 8th May 2019, A delegation from Placewell HRD consultant has visited Erbil Polytechnic university.

The delegation was received by Assistant Prof. Dr. Jawdat Ja’afer khatab, the president’s assistant for administration and financial affairs.

The aim of the visit was to find ways of collaborations between the both sides in different academic matters.

Organising a seminar for KRG representative at EU

On Tuesday 30/4/2019, Erbil polytechnic university organised a seminar entitled ”The future of Kurdistan regional of Iraq relationship with the EU” for Mr. Dlawer Ashgayi the KRG representative at EU.

 The event was attended by Assistant Prof. Dr.Kawa Sherwani the University’s president and a number of government, academics and political officials.The seminar included discussions about the latest changes in Europe and the area in general.The end of the event showed an open discussion between Mr. Ashgayi and the attendance.