Daily Archives: June 4, 2023

The University Rector Participates In A Meeting Of The Minister Deputy Of The Higher Education and Scientific Research With The Rector Of The University Of Dundee Scotland

Erbil Polytechnic University Rector Prof. Dr. Edrees Mohamad Tahir Harki attended the meeting of the Minister Deputy of the Higher Education and Scientific Research with the Rector of Dundee University Scotland.

A delegation from the University of Dundee Scotland visited the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and met with the official staff of the Ministry.

Prof. Dr. Abdulfatah Abdulrazaq, the Higher Education and Scientific Research Minister Deputy received Prof. Iain Gillespie the Principal and Vice-Chancellor at the University of Dundee and an accompanying delegation consisting of Professor Mohammed Al-Uzri, President of the Iraqi-British Employment Council; Jason Norris, Head of Partner at the University of Dundee, who is in the Kurdistan Region to carry out several joint scientific projects with several universities.

In a meeting where the Erbil Polytechnic University Rector, a number of Kurdistan universities, advisors of the minister and general directors, the Rector of Dundee University expressed his pleasure to visit the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research Kurdistan.

In his speech, the Minister Deputy of Higher Education and Scientific Research talked about the relations between the Kurdistan Region and the UK, said: Our Ministry in the past has had the most joint scientific projects with universities and institutions in the UK you have had academic relations with your universities, so we want to expand these scientific relations and include various areas related to the development of the higher education sector.

“An important part of our work strategy is to expand the scope of technical and vocational education in the Kurdistan Region. In this context, we need to establish a direct and better channel with the Kurdistan labour market to benefit from the experience and capabilities of that country. The Deputy Minister also spoke about the Ministry’s plan to reform and review the curriculum of all departments of Kurdistan universities and said that the participation and coordination of the British experts will help in the success of this project.

At the end of the meeting, several scientific and academic issues were exchanged to further develop relations between the two sides.