Daily Archives: May 15, 2023

A delegation Of Erbil Polytechnic University Visited Bielefeld University Of Applied Sciences In Germany

At the official invitation of the Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences, a delegation of the Erbil Polytechnic University participated in the activities of the Bielefeld University International Week, which lasted from May 8th to 12th of May, 2023.

Representatives of universities from 31 countries participated in the event and our university was one of the participating universities. Several international seminars and activities were held.

The delegation of our university consisted of Asst. Prof. Dr. Botan Majid Asngar, the Dean of the Erbil Technology College and Asst. Prof. Dr. Ranj Sirwan Abdullah, the Director of International Relations Office of the University Presidency. On the sidelines of the event, the delegation held several meetings with decision makers, researchers and professors of this university to expand the academic and scientific relationships between the Erbil Polytechnic University and the university and the Bielefeld University of Applied Science.

During the meetings, many issues related to student exchange and joint research projects of master’s and doctoral students were seriously discussed, in addition to holding conferences and joint research between the staff of both universities.

The university presidencies and specialized colleges on both sides are also expected to work on the details of the implementation of the processes.

It is worth mentioning that Mr. Muayad Ismail Othman, a research Instructor at the Bielefeld University, who is originally from Erbil, was an important coordinator and in organizing the communication, preparation and conduct of the meetings.

Rector of Erbil Polytechnic University visits Barzani National Memorial

The Rector of the Erbil Polytechnic University Prof. Dr. Edrees Muhamad Tahir Harki  accompanied several members of the university Council and directors of the university presidency, visited the National Memorial of Mulla Mustafa Barzani in Barzan and were welcomed by Sheikh Khalat Barzani.

On the sidelines of the scientific conference of Erbil Polytechnic University students held at Mergasor Technical Institute, His Excellency the Erbil Polytechnic University Rector, visited the Barzani National Memorial in Barzan.

During the visit, they visited the sections of the memorial and the curators and guides of the memorial gave detailed and unheard information to the audience about all the historical objects and documents displayed in several boxes.