Several Erbil Polytechnic University Students Participate In the Students’ Exchange Program At Kuala Lumpur University

Within the Works and Activities of the International Relations Office Directorate for Internationalizing the Erbil Polytechnic University, several students of our university colleges and institutes attended the students’ exchange program at Malaysia-Kuala Lumpur University. They stayed there for fifteen days, from the 1st to the 15th of September 2022.

Seven university students participated in the program, including scientific, academic, and cultural fields. They successfully fulfilled the process and performed several activities, such as offering the Kurdistan Flag to the patriotic Kuala Lumpur Museum and the Universities Placket to the Kuala Lumpur University. Finally, they received a Certificate of Participation from the mentioned university.

The Erbil Polytechnic University (After Evaluation and Selection Process) sends several students to technical colleges and institutes in European, Arabic, and Asian countries. It receives a group of students from these countries to get acquainted with different cultures.