Within the Exterior Activities Directorate Activities, on Sunday and Monday 21 & 22nd of June 2021, the Presidency of the Erbil Polytechnic University managed two Bowling Game Leagues at the Smile Land of Game City.

These leagues continued for two days;  the University Council Members’ leagues and the Directors’ league were held. Every player should complete 10 rounds; each round, they could throw two bowling in which they are supposed to collect more points.

At the University Council Members’ round, Asst. Prof. Dr. Ayad Zaki Saber gained top one that he could collect 104 points and Asst. Prof. Dr. Kawa Abdulkareem Sherwani got top two with 100 points.

At the Directors’ league level, Mr. Farhad Othman Omer could get 113 points who reached top one, and Mr. Salar Dlawar Hawezi collected 98 points on which he gained top two.

Then, the Exterior Activities Directorate, with the sponsor of the Smile Land of the Gaming City, rewarded the winners.

Erbil Polytechnic expressed its gratitude towards the Smile Land of the Gaming City, for they sponsored both leagues of the Bowling Game. They decided to perform more activities together in the future.