An International Virtual Challenge between EPU and USA students

Erbil Polytechnic University (EPU) won a grant for the Global Solutions Sustainability Challenge Program which starts today, 15/09/2019 and lasts for 10 weeks. This program focuses on cultural challenges, business sustainability and development, and making a difference in the community. Moreover, students will gain workforce skills of entrepreneurial thinking, cross-cultural communication, team collaboration, empathy, critical thinking, creative problem solving, adaptability and human-centered design thinking. They will also develop solutions for real global challenges and expand access to a professional network.

In this year ‘s challenge, only EPU, Sulaimani Polytechnic Universty and Anbar University from
Kurdistan region and Iraq, whose representing academic facilitators have attended an extensive two days training program on how to run and guide students who participate in the program. This event will be run by Dr.Selar Othman Ali, Dr.Abdullah Omer Yassin and Mr.Zanear Jabbar. At least 30 undergraduate students out of more than a hundred applicants from EPU have been shortlisted after two days interview and divided into 3 interactive teams.  These teams will compete to design the most innovative sustainable solution to a challenge within the community.  It is worth mentioning that the top three finalist teams win a grant to make their prototype a reality.

The Global solutions Sustainability Challenge Program is a virtual exchange in partnership with American students in the USA and Jordanian students in Jordan. The Program is supported by Stevens Initiative, sponsored by the US Department of State, administered by Aspen Institute and implemented by IREX.