Monthly Archives: November 2018

EPU starts an initiative to honor famous figures of Erbil

Preparations for the project of honoring famous figures of Erbil have already began which is targeted to reward them for their outstanding performance in the fields of literature, music, education, science, sports, public services, charities and Vocational jobs.
For this purpose, the first meeting was held on the 10th, October 2018 under the supervision of Asst. Prof. Kawa Sherwani, with a number of people involved from the EPU and outside of the university. Recommendations and suggestions exchanged during the meeting made the meeting very productive.

The criterion for the selection of the nominees will be set by an assigned committee to nominate people from the various fields (dead ones or still alive) in the Erbil governorate. In the upcoming meeting two committees will be allocated for evaluation and preparations for the commencement of the project.

If you think you are suitable for the event or have any recommendations or suggestions, please contact us via ([email protected])