Erbil Polytechnic University Finalized The Two Leagues of the Football

Erbil Polytechnic University Finalized The Two Leagues of the Football

On Sunday 11th of April 2021, at the yard of the Erbil Technical Administration Institute, the Directorate of External Activities of the EPU Presidency finalized the two leagues of football. These leagues were separately opened for the lecturers and the students.

With the presence of the Rectors Assist for Students Affairs Assist Prof. Dr.Yousif Mustafa Rasul, the dean of Erbil Technical Administration institute Dr.Botan Majid Asngar, the dean’s assistant Dr. Brzo Dzayi and some other managers and staff of EPU Presidency, the Directorate of the External Activities completed the two leagues of the football game of both students and lecturers and employees.

The final game of the EPU football league was between the staff of the Erbil Technology College and Koya Technical Institute, in which the Erbil Technology College won by six scores against Koya Technical Institute with one score.

Meanwhile, the students of both Erbil Technical College and Koya Technical Institute played the football game of the final league in which the students of Koya Technical Institute could win and become the champion of the league.

At the end of the league, the Assistant of the EPU Rector for Students affairs, the dean of Erbil Technology Institute, and the EPU Directorates rewarded the champions of the final football leagues.