Organising a seminar for KRG representative at EU

On Tuesday 30/4/2019, Erbil polytechnic university organised a seminar entitled ”The future of Kurdistan regional of Iraq relationship with the EU” for Mr. Dlawer Ashgayi the KRG representative at EU.

 The event was attended by Assistant Prof. Dr.Kawa Sherwani the University’s president and a number of government, academics and political officials.The seminar included discussions about the latest changes in Europe and the area in general.The end of the event showed an open discussion between Mr. Ashgayi and the attendance.

EPU organised a seminar for Dr. Ismail Beshkchi

On Thursday April 18th 2019, Erbil polytechnic university organised a seminar for the famous Turkish sociologist, philosopher, revolutionary, and writer Dr. Ismail Beshkchi.

Dr. Beshkchi presented a seminar entitled ” nationalistic discourse in Education and higher educations”.

The seminar took place at Erbil polytechnic presidency conference hall and it was participated by Assistant Pro. Dr. Kawa Sherwani the president of the University, a number of writers, academic staff, government and political officials.

Dr. Beshkchi focused on nationalistic sense and how it should be separated from everything including science and technology since they keep us away from our goals.
He also spoke about the difference of nationalistic between now and before.

The end of the seminar the president of the University awarded Dr. Beshkchi the arm of the University.