International marketing and languages

International marketing and languages

The Department of Marketing and International Languages was established in 2020 with the assistance of the Dutch organization Spark, after several conferences, with the participation of local and international experts, which is the first department at an appropriate level that marketing science and English are taught together. The importance of this department is that it makes the connection between higher education and the labor market, and prepares students for the labor market and finding employment or self-employment after graduation. Therefore, this section removes a heavy burden on the government by encouraging young people to develop their skills and not be employed in government institutions


English Language and Linguistics gives students opportunities for discovery
Spoken and written language in all its complexities
• To give students a better understanding of English and
Management Understand the mechanics of language with a
Key understanding of the business world
• Offers excellent academic training with good career prospects
• The department is committed to ensuring that all students earn more than
Expected progress throughout the major stages in English subject matter and how
combined with the commercial realm
• Also support and demonstrate academic values and encouragement
Students be bold in every possible opportunity within the business field
• Supports students in terms of how language skills affect their outcomes
in marketing and management
• To give learners an understanding of an appreciation for the English language
• To be able to write a report that systematically argues an argument with
highlighting important points and relevant supporting details
• To have enough language range to be able to give clear descriptions
expressing viewpoints and developing arguments
• To have a good range of vocabulary for the topics related to their field and mostly
General topics
• To build students’ confidence and provide them with language resources
Participate in business meetings
• To be able to interact with a degree of fluency and spontaneity that makes regular
Interaction, and ongoing communication with English speakers is very possible
Without putting pressure on any party.
• To be able to use phrases and expressions to express and ask for opinions, discussion
and dealing with interruptions, asking for and giving explanations, delaying decisions, being assertive
A point, summing up what has been said, to finally end the meeting
The proposed module
• Language structure
This module focuses specifically on the level of language we call grammar
• Foundations of linguistics
This module presents and discusses the characteristics of human language, explains
How does the discipline of linguistics research and theorize about these features. he
Introduces students to the goals and principles of linguistics, as well as to
Growing over the years. Students also learn key concepts and
The debates
• Language and culture
The course provides an introduction to the major themes of sociolinguistics. That’s how it starts
Investigating how we construct our notions of ‘language’, ‘dialect’ or ‘style’, and of
where they explore notions of ‘truth’ in language, and their origins. Then it will be
Consider how social relations are reflected and encoded in different languages,
For example, in terms of kinship, in terms of title, or literary form, and how
Individuals are socially placed – or placed themselves – through their linguistics
Choices• World English
This module focuses on the global spread of English as an aspect of
historical and contemporary cultural and business events
• English in the media
• English and advertising


The goals of the Department of Marketing and International Language are to provide graduate students with advanced knowledge and skills in advanced research and design in marketing subfields and applied international languages, to prepare nationally competitive undergraduates for successful careers in applied international marketing and English relevant language, and to serve the community.

The Department of Marketing and International Languages will lead undergraduate teaching, research in all areas of applied marketing, and community service in line with the university and students in successfully establishing long-term business relationships and demonstrating the values of academia.

First Semester
NoModules/ EnglishCodTheoretical (hrs)Practical (hrs)Total Hours/weekECTSWorkload (hrs)Subject TypeLanguage
1Kurd ologyKUR1013035125RequestKurdish
2Computer Essential/1COE1020334100RequestEnglish
3English for Academic
4Technical Arabic LanguageALA1042245125CoreArabic
5Principles of Business
BAP1052466125CoreKurdish/ English/ Arabic
6Total Hours9112030750
Second Semester
NoModules/ EnglishCodTheoretical (hrs)Practical (hrs)Total Hours/weekECTSWorkload (hrs)Subject TypeLanguage
1Principles of Marketing
MMP2012356150CoreEnglish + Arabic
2Principles of EconomyECP2021234100AssistEnglish/ Arabic
3Principles of StatisticsSTP2031235125AssistEnglish
4English for Academic
5Arabic For Marketing
6Human Resource ManagementHRM2061235125AssistArabic+ English
Total Houres7132030750
Third Semester
NoModules/ EnglishCodTheoretical (hrs)Practical (hrs)Total Hours/weekECTSWorkload (hrs)Subject TypeLanguage
1International MarketingINM3011235125CoreEnglish
2E- MarketingEMA3021346150AssistEnglish
3Technical EnglishTEN3031235125AssistEnglish
4English Business StudiesEBS3042246150CoreEnglish
5Business EthicsBUE3051234100AssistArabic+ English
6International Business
IBC3061234100AssistArabic+ English
Total Hours7132030750
Fourth Semester
NoModules/ EnglishCodTheoretical (hrs)Practical (hrs)Total Hours/weekECTSWorkload (hrs)Subject TypeLanguage
1Service MarketingSEM4011236150CoreEnglish
2International Supply Chain
3Branding and Product DesignBPD4031234100AssistEnglish
4English For MarketingENM4041346150CoreEnglish
5International Public
6Technical EnglishCOL4062134100AssistEnglish
Total Hours7132026750
Fifth Semester
NoModules/ EnglishCodTheoretical (hrs.)Practical (hrs.)Total Hours/WeekECTSWork Load/PaperSubject TypeLanguage
1Sales ManagementSAM5012246150AssistEnglish
2Pricing StrategyPRS5021235125CoreEnglish
3English for Sales & PurchasingENS5031235125AssistEnglish
4English for AdvertisingENA5041346150AssistEnglish
5E-Business ManagementEBM5051234100AssistEnglish
6Commercial lawBUI5061234100AssistEnglish
Total Hours7132030750
Seventh Semester
NoModules/ EnglishCodTheoretical (hrs)Practical (hrs)Total Hours/weekECTSWorkload (hrs)Subject TypeLanguage
1Entrepreneurial MarketingENM6011346150CoreEnglish
2Business WritingCBR6021345150CoreEnglish
3Leadership SkillsLES6031234100CoreEnglish
4Scientific Research MethodsSRM6041236100RequestArabic + English
5Consumer BehaviorCOB6051234125Elective 
6Websites ManagementWEM6062335125ElectiveEnglish
Total Hours7132030750
Eighth Semester
NoModules/ EnglishCodTheoretical (hrs)Practical (hrs)Total Hours/weekECTSWorkload (hrs)Subject TypeLanguage
1Strategic Market ResearchSMR8012246150RequestArabic
2Negotiation ManagementNEM8021234100RequestEnglish
3Nero Linguistic ProgrammingNLP8031234100RequestEnglish
4Graduation Research ProjectGR8040446150RequestEnglish
6International Marketing
IMC8052235125ElectiveEnglish+ Arabic
Total Hours6232025650

Shirzad Mohammed Mahdi

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