Midwifery Department

The Midwifery Department at Koya Technical Institute opened at 2020 in which study is for two years and language of study is English. Study program is Bolonga Process.

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Objectives of the Midwifery 

The major objective of the midwifery program is to prepare midwives who are able to provide effective and appropriate primary, secondary, and tertiary care to improve the health of women, newborns, and families in various settings.

Program Learning Outcome (PLO)

The program also prepares graduates to function independently among the health care team. Upon completion the requirement of the Midwifery program graduates will be able to:

  1. Integrate theories from nursing, midwifery, and other disciplines to guide clinical practice and influence health policy.
  2. Demonstrate proficiency in critical thinking and the translation of research evidence into safe, competent, high quality, and evidence-based midwifery practice.
  3. Manage the care of women throughout the life span and their newborns by utilizing the midwifery management process.
  4. Function independently within an interprofessional framework to provide high quality midwifery care that is equitable, ethical, accessible, and respectful of human dignity, individuality, and diversity.
  5. Participate in a health care leadership role in collaboration with professional colleagues to maintain, reformulate, or refine systems of health care that are effective, efficient, and responsive to the needs of individuals and families with emphasis on women and infants.
  6. Demonstrate strong professional identity as midwife characterized by formal education, self and peer evaluation, lifelong individual learning, the appropriate use of technology, and the development and application of research to guide ethical and competent midwifery practice.


  1. To provide exceptional midwifery care to each and every woman.
  2. The department of midwifery nursing to be a center for innovation and excellence in nursing and midwifery education, leadership, and clinical practice at the local, regional levels.


The mission of the Department is:

  1. To support midwives and to ultimately advance the practice of midwifery.
  2. To achieving optimal health for all women throughout their lifespan.
  3. To improve expertise in well-woman and gynecologic care, prioritizing optimal pregnancy, physiologic birth, postpartum care, and neonatal care.
  4. To graduate national professional competent midwives and prepare graduates to be morally reflective healthcare leaders and, who can discover, disseminate and apply latest evidence-based nursing knowledge in order to save lives.

Dr. Khalat Karwan Fares

PhD/ Lecturer

Head of Council

Khalat Karwan Fares (epu.edu.iq)

Dlaram Bakir Faraj

Higher Diploma

Triska Beelal Bahjat

MSc/ Assistant Lecturer

Triska Beelal Bahjat (epu.edu.iq)

Bandi Omer Abdullah

MSc / Assistant Lecturer

Bandi Omer Abdullah (epu.edu.iq)

First Semester

No.SubjectCodeTheory (hrs.)Practical (hrs.)Total Hours/WeekECTSWorkload (hrs.)Subject TypeLanguageLanguage
1Kurdology & Human RightsKUR101335125KurdishGeneralKurdish
2English skills ENS1022246150GeneralEnglishEnglish
3Computer essentials COE103 334100GeneralEnglishEnglish
4Obstetrics1 OBS1042468200CoreEnglishEnglish
5Fundamentals of nursing FUN1052247175CoreEnglishEnglish

Second Semester

No.SubjectCodeTheory (hrs.)Practical (hrs.)Total Hours/WeekECTSWorkload (hrs.)Subject TypeLanguageLanguage
1English skills ENS2012 24100GeneralEnglishKurdish
2 Obstetrics2 OBS2022468200CoreEnglishEnglish
3Anatomy and physiology ANP2032246150AssistEnglishEnglish
4 Clinical biochemistry CLB2042246150AssistEnglishEnglish
5Microbiology MIC2052246150AssistEnglishEnglish

Third Semester

No.SubjectCodeTheory (hrs.)Practical (hrs.)Total Hours/Week ECTSWorkload (hrs.)Subject TypeLanguageLanguage
1Obstetric complications and emergenciesOCE3012359175CoreEnglishKurdish
2Newborn and nursing careNNC3022247150CoreEnglishEnglish
3Community health nursingCHN3031236125AssistEnglishEnglish
4Community nutritionCON3042-2475AssistEnglishEnglish
5Professional ethicsPRE3052-2475GeneralKurdishEnglish
Fourth Semester
No.SubjectCodeTheory (hrs.)Practical (hrs.)Total Hours/WeekECTSWorkload (hrs.)Subject TypeLanguageLanguage
2Maternal nursing and Mental healthMNM4022246175CoreEnglishEnglish
3Growth and developmentGRD4032245175CoreEnglishEnglish
5Infection controlINC4052-23100AssistEnglishEnglish
6Graduation projectGRP3062 26   

Dr. Khalat Karwan Fares

PhD / Lecturer

Head of Department

Dlaram Bakir Faraj

Higher Diploma

Assistant to head of department

Ttriska Beelal Bahjat

MSc/ Assistant Lecturer

Shahen Sammad Hussein


Bandi Omer Abdullah

MSc/ Assistant Lecturer

Iman Kamal Salih 


Kaban Dlshad Samo


Gulala Muhammed Mahmood

Technical Diploma

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