Road Construction Department

The Road Construction Department is a branch of Surveying and Road Construction Department which is considered as one of the oldest, leading and key technological departments at the Erbil Technology College. It was first established in 1993 after the Kurdish uprising against the former Iraqi regime. At that time, this department was the only and unique department in Kurdistan region specialized in the road construction. It was established due to the high demand for technicians and professionals in the field of road construction and transportation as the region suffered from poor road and transportation networks under the rule of former Iraqi regime. The department aims at preparing skilled technicians in the field of road construction and transportation. The department has the ability to accommodate about 50 students every year. More than 1600 students were graduated since the establishment of the department. There are academics with PhD and master degrees with high qualification working currently at the department in teaching and training students.

The graduates from this department can work in the projects of road construction to help engineers in executing and monitoring the different activities of road construction projects. They can also help in planning and design of transportation and traffic engineering. Supervising the process of maintenance of roads and pavements is another specific duty of the graduates. They have in-depth- knowledge about the way of running equipment and machines of road construction and maintenance. Additionally, they also acquire advanced skills in testing a wide variety of constructional materials usually used to construct buildings and roads such as aggregates, cement, asphalt, concrete, brick, blocks, tiles, pavement blocks, gypsum, wood, steel …etc. The academics year is divided into two semesters. Each semester includes five modules; hence, in total there are 20 modules. The first year includes 10 modules which are taught in Semester 1 and 2, while the second year includes 10 modules which are taught in the third and fourth semesters.



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