Information and Communication Technology Engineering Department

The department was established at 2010 in EPU, in 2020, and after obtaining the approval of the Minister of Higher Education and the presidency of the Polytechnic University and through a scientific conference, the ICT department was established due to our full awareness of the needs of the markets in Kurdistan and meet the market requirements for such graduates. The department can award Both Bachelors/ and Diploma certificates after the student complete the required academic level of the department. ICT Stands for “Information and Communication Technologies.” ICT refers to technologies that provide access to information through telecommunications.

It is similar to Information Technology (IT), but focuses primarily on communication technologies. This includes the Internet, wireless networks, cell phones, and other communication mediums. In the past few decades, information and communication technologies have provided society with a vast array of new communication capabilities. For example, people can communicate in real-time with others in different countries using technologies such as instant messaging, voice over IP (VoIP), and video-conferencing. Social networking websites like Facebook allow users from all over the world to remain in contact and communicate on a regular basis.


To have a government which fully makes use of ICT in supporting the delivery of its services and which creates the necessary framework (policies, legislations & regulations) that allows the full potential of ICT to be harnessed nationally for the benefit of the country.


– Provide, coordinate, and facilitate the use of technology and information resources to the satisfaction of the organization and its stakeholders.
– The development& Implementation of legislations, regulations and policies pertaining to telecommunication and related services.
– The development and maintenance of software applications to support the delivery of government services.
– The implementation, management and maintenance of the government ICT infrastructure.
– The collaboration and coordination with the various government sectors/ministries in addressing their specific ICT needs and requirements.
– The establishment of the role/s of ICT in the various sectors/ministries and supporting the enactment of these roles.
-The planning and management of radio communication resources (e.g. domain names, frequency, numbers etc.).

Department council members

ict cons

         First Semester

No.SubjectCodeTheory (hrs.)Practical (hrs.)Tutorial (hrs.)Hours /Week (hrs.)ECTSWorkload (hrs.)Subject TypeLanguage
2English Skills IENS10223045125GeneralEnglish
3Computer EssentialsCOE10300334100CoreEnglish
4Engineering Mathematics IENM10430057175CoreEnglish
5Engineering DrawingEND10505556150CoreEnglish
7VolunteeringVOL10710 Hrs/Semester

         Second Semester

No.SubjectCodeTheory (hrs.)Practical (hrs.)Tutorial (hrs.)Hours /Week (hrs.)ECTSWorkload (hrs.)Subject TypeLanguage
1English Skills IIENS20120025125GeneralEnglish
2Engineering Mathematics IIENM20220025125CoreEnglish
3Logic CircuitsLOC20322045125CoreEnglish
4Fundamental of ProgrammingFOP20422045125CoreEnglish
5Electronic CircuitsELC20522045125CoreEnglish
6Electronic WorkshopELW20624045125
7VolunteeringVOL20710 Hrs./Semester

         Third Semester

No.SubjectCodeTheory (hrs.)Practical (hrs.)Tutorial (hrs.)Hours /Week (hrs.)ECTSWorkload (hrs.)Subject TypeLanguage
1Electrical CircuitsELC30122046150CoreEnglish
2Computer ArchitectureCOA30222046150CoreEnglish
3Analog CommunicationANC30322046150CoreEnglish
4Object Oriented ProgrammingOOP30422046150CoreEnglish
5Database ConceptsDAC30522046150CoreEnglish

         Fourth Semester

No.SubjectCodeTheory (hrs.)Practical (hrs.)Tutorial (hrs.)Hours /Week (hrs.)ECTSWorkload (hrs.)Subject TypeLanguage
2Computer Networks and SecurityCNS40222155125CoreEnglish
3Antenna & wave PropagationAWP40322044100CoreEnglish
4Digital CommunicationDIC40422045125CoreEnglish
5Multimedia ProcessingMUP40522044100CoreEnglish
6Graduation ProjectGRP40604044100CoreEnglish
7Summer TrainingSUT4074100

         Fifth Semester

No.SubjectCodeTheory (hrs.)Practical (hrs.)Tutorial (hrs.)Hours /Week (hrs.)ECTSWorkload (hrs.)Subject TypeLanguage
1Engineering AnalysisENA50122046150CoreEnglish
2Wireless CommunicationWIC50222046150CoreEnglish
3Web DesignWED50322046150CoreEnglish
4Digital Signal ProcessingDSP50422046150CoreEnglish
5Telecommunication Switching and NetworksTSN50522046150CoreEnglish

         Sixth Semester

No.SubjectCodeTheory (hrs.)Practical (hrs.)Tutorial (hrs.)Hours /Week (hrs.)ECTSWorkload (hrs.)Subject TypeLanguage
1Information TheoryINT60130145125CoreEnglish
2Control SystemsCOS60222045125CoreEnglish
3Advanced ProgrammingADP60323056150CoreEnglish
4Engineering ManagementENM60420134100CoreEnglish
6Summer TrainingSUT6064100

         Seventh Semester

No.SubjectCodeTheory (hrs.)Practical (hrs.)Tutorial (hrs.)Hours /Week (hrs.)ECTSWorkload (hrs.)Subject TypeLanguage
1Optical CommunicationOPC70122046150CoreEnglish
3Grid and Cloud ComputingGCC70323057175CoreEnglish
4Ethical HackingETH70422046150CoreEnglish
5Web ProgrammingWEP70522046150CoreEnglish

         Eighth Semester

No.SubjectCodeTheory (hrs.)Practical (hrs.)Tutorial (hrs.)Hours /Week (hrs.)ECTSWorkload (hrs.)Subject TypeLanguage
1Embedded and Real Time SystemsERS8012002375CoreEnglish
2Database Management SystemsDMS80222046150CoreEnglish
3Radar SystemRAS80322045125CoreEnglish
4Mobile CommunicationMOC80422046150CoreEnglish
5Artificial IntelligenceARI80502024100CoreEnglish
6Graduation ProjectGRP80604046150
Cycle Summation1602406000

Head of Information and Communication Technology Engineering Department

Salar Ahmed Rasul

[email protected]

Shereen Abdullah Anwar

Assistant Lecturer

[email protected]

computer vision

Ilham Kadhim Onees

Assistant professor

[email protected]

Sensors and Materials

Sevan Hussein Ali


[email protected]

Laser and Communications

Haval Ahmed Abdulrahman


[email protected]

Computer Engineering

Jabbar Majeed Sadeq

Assistant Lecturer

[email protected]

Electronic and Control Engineering

salar Ameen Raheem

Assistant Lecturer

[email protected]

Applied Mathematic

Soran Abdulrahman Hamad

Assistant Lecturer

[email protected]

Computer Penetration Testing

Zanear Shwan Ahmed


[email protected]

Pattern Recognition

Talhat Esmail Hassan


[email protected]

Numerical Analysis

Chiman Haydar Salh

Assistant Lecturer

[email protected]

Image Processing


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