Information Systems Engineering Department

Information Systems Engineering Department

The Department of information systems engineering was founded in 2008, in order to keep in line with the modern developments which are taking place rapidly in the field of information, computer technology, and software, where this technology has played an important role in the economies of many developing countries. The department has first welcomed its students in (2008-2009).

At the department, the best students enroll to receive education in order to become members of a creative and innovative highly scientific staff; the study period is four years after gaining High school certificate.

The Department gives The BSc, higher diploma, MSc, PhD degrees in information systems engineering. This department offers a full range of computer services including software engineering, businesses process reengineering, data base development, programming and web/portal development. The department technology-based solutions for the design, engineering, integration, development, installation, testing and acceptance of information systems.

Head of Department


Dr. Roojwan Sc. Hawezi


Dr. Roojwan Sc. Hawezi

[email protected]

✆ 07507459078

Graduated Qualifications

The department offers the followings:

  1. Information systems analysis and engineering:
  • Application and system design and development:
  • Business process technical analysis:
  • System and process technical analysis:
  • System design and development:
  • Web site portal development;
  1. Practical Courses: the department offers the following Practical courses:
  • Computer essential which include (Windows, Microsoft office ,internet and hardware).
  • Programming language;
  • Web design ( Html, Java script, ASP);
  • Database (ACCESS, SQL, Visual Fox Pro and Oracle);
  • Engineering design and computer Aided Design (GIS, Matlab, Photoshop, Primavera AutoCAD and 3Dmax):
  • Statistical Application SPSS;
  • Window Server 2003 Administration;
  1. Networking and Telecommunications:
  • Wired/Wireless network Design, Installation and support for LABs and WANs.
  • Cable and Plant design, Installation , test, certification and Maintenance.


To be an internationally recognized department having highly qualified and expert faculty and provide its students an effective dynamic research and education environment.


To raise computer engineers who are educated in an advanced technology supported environment, capable of learning and searching independently, technologically well-qualified, prepare the students to work in the real environment and teach them the subjects that are update to date.


Objectives of the Bachelor of Science degree program in information systems Engineering are to provide:

  1. A solid foundation in the theory and application of information systems design, development, and management;
  2. A background in the mathematics, computational tools, physical sciences, and engineering methods useful for information system engineers;
  3. Opportunities for creative, original and critical thinking in solving information system design problems
  4. Opportunities for development of strong verbal and written communication skills:
  5. Development of a sense of professional ethics and of responsibility to the community;
  6. An appreciation of interpersonal and management skills, teamwork and an ability to work collaboratively;
  7. Appreciation and understanding of the social, economic, political, and legal context in which professional activities are undertaken.

         First Semester

No.SubjectCodeTheory (hrs.)Practical (hrs.)Hours /Week (hrs.)ECTSWorkload (hrs.)Subject TypeLanguage
2English Skills (1)ENS1022046154GeneralEnglish
3Computer EssentialsCOE1030334118GeneralEnglish
4Fundamental of Information systemFIS1044047178coreEnglish
5Engineering DrawingEND1052468223coreEnglish
6VolunteeringVOL10610 Hrs. / Semester

Second Semester

No.SubjectCodeTheory (hrs.)Practical (hrs.)Hours /Week (hrs.)ECTSWorkload (hrs.)Subject TypeLanguage
1English Skills (2)ENS2012024101GeneralEnglish
2Calculus 1Cal2024078216coreEnglish
3Fundamental of Programming with C++CPP2032357194coreEnglish
4Computer organizationCOR2042357190coreEnglish
5Engineering drawing with AutoCadAUT2050224109coreEnglish
6VolunteeringVOL20610 Hrs. / Semester

Third Semester

No.SubjectCodeTheory (hrs.)Practical (hrs.)Hours /Week (hrs.)ECTSWorkload (hrs.)Subject TypeLanguage
1Calculus 2CAl3013057187coreEnglish
2Introduction to Problem solving and Object Oriented ProgrammingIOP3022357188coreEnglish
3Design new mediaDNM3031234116coreEnglish
4Web DesignWED3042246159coreEnglish
5Principles of Electronic CircuitPEC3052246160coreEnglish
Total 2130810

4th Semester

No.SubjectCodeTheory (hrs.)Practical (hrs.)Hours /Week (hrs.)ECTSWorkload (hrs.)Subject TypeLanguage
1Advanced Object Oriented Programming  AOP401  2  2  4  6  162  core  English
2Engineering StatisticENS4022246  159coreEnglish
3Web DevelopmentWED4032246166coreEnglish
4Multimedia SystemMUS4042246169coreEnglish
5Computer ArchitectureCOA4052246154coreEnglish
Total 2030810

5th Semester

No.SubjectCodeTheory (hrs.)Practical (hrs.)Hours /Week (hrs.)ECTSWorkload (hrs.)Subject TypeLanguage
  1Internet TechnologyINT5012246161coreEnglish
  2Computational TheoryCOT502224  6161coreEnglish
3Digital Image and Video ProcessingDIP 5032246161coreEnglish
4Data CommunicationDAC5042246160coreEnglish
5Data StructureDAS 5052246167coreEnglish
Total 2030810

6th Semester

No.SubjectCodeTheory (hrs.)Practical (hrs.)Hours /Week (hrs.)ECTSWorkload (hrs.)Subject TypeLanguage
1Principles of management and OrganizationPMO601202391coreEnglish
2Information Systems DesignISD 6022246158coreEnglish
3Mobile ApplicationMOA6031345145coreEnglish
4Engineering analysisENA6043056159coreEnglish
5Application of Data CommunicationADC6052246157coreEnglish
6Summer trainingSUT606   4100coreEnglish
Total 1930810

7th Semester

No.SubjectCodeTheory (hrs.)Practical (hrs.)Hours /Week (hrs.)ECTSWorkload (hrs.)Subject TypeLanguage
1Management DatabaseDMS7012246162CoreEnglish
2Artifical intelligenceARI7022026162CoreEnglish
3Geographic Information SystemGIS7030226162CoreEnglish
4Network Design & ImplementingNDI7042246162CoreEnglish
5Information System ArchitectureISA7052246162CoreEnglish

8th Semester

No.SubjectCodeTheory (hrs.)Practical (hrs.)Hours /Week (hrs.)ECTSWorkload (hrs.)Subject TypeLanguage
1Information RetrievalINR8012246162CoreEnglish
2Internet of thingsIOT8022246162CoreEnglish
3Information SecurityINS8032246162CoreEnglish
4Network ManagementNEM8042026162CoreEnglish
5Information Systems ProjectISP8050226162CoreEnglish

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