Library and Information Department

Library and Information Department

Studying in this department started in 2002 to give a diploma in the library and information. Students learn how to use and deal with all the new techniques used in the information world. Besides, the department includes variety of practices such as information management, librarianship, data management, and archiving and records management, educating professionals for work in those areas, and carrying out research to improve practice. Also, information in specific domains and contexts, and technology applications (‘information science’)


This section tries to gain a different position between the parts, whether at the level of the region or at the local level. And promises to produce cadres that are high in the level of scientific ability, and this is by renewing this department continuously in all sides especially in terms of the technique of dealing with data and information, programs, schools and schools.


Information and Library department works to produce a student to fill needs of the labor market in the field of information. In addition, the graduates of this department can be adapting with the changes especially information technology in all the organs and department particularly in dealing with the book and library. Except that, these students who are graduated from this department can work as a programmer and management of the electronic, archive and centers of information.
  1. Teaching students to access information in the easiest way in a short time, as well as being able to apply and use information with each other so that they can come up with a new and useful invention.
2 . Develops creative thinking that’s why information has an impact role in enhancing creative thinking, creating tools for searching and finding and studying to reach a group of information that will be a reason for the development of idea products.
3.Obtaining variety sources and information in the Library. Information can be obtained through the library, but information can be obtained from many different sources.
  1. 4. Informatics is a reason for spreading an idea called intellectual information, which means taking all means to obtain information.
  2. 5. Prepares graduates for management in the fields administrative information systems by setting up invention programs in the area of information and library.
6.Preparation of Graduates students to work on their experts and planning to participate in the fields of science and knowledge.
  1. 7. Building a cadre that has the ability to deal with data and information in all different aspects of the community, including data gathering and organizing for information, classification, and coordination in the modern form and return to the necessary time.
8 . Preparing an employee who has ability competency and serving country.

Department Council Members

         First Semester

NoModules/ English


Theoretical (hrs)Practical (hrs)Total Hours/weekECTSWorkload (hrs)Subject TypeLanguage
1Kurdology/Human RightsKHR1014035125GeneralKurdish
2English LanguageENL1022246AssistEnglish
3Computer skillsCOE1030334AssistEnglish
4CatalogingCAT1042247148CoreKurdish / English
5Information FoundationINF1052137114CoreKurdish / English
Total Hours1081830750 

 Second Semester

NoModules/ English


Theoretical (hrs)Practical (hrs)Total Hours/weekECTSWorkload (hrs)Subject TypeLanguage
1English LanguageKHR1010224125AssistKurdish
3Communication TechnologyCOT2032248CoreEnglish
4References ResourcesRER2042247152CoreKurdish / English
5ClassificationCLA2052247114CoreKurdish / English
Total Hours6111730750 

Third Semester

NoModules/ English


Theoretical (hrs)Practical (hrs)Total Hours/weekECTSWorkload (hrs)Subject TypeLanguage
1Date bases & NetworkDBN3014235125CoreKurdish
2English Technical LanguageETL3022246AssistEnglish
3Electronic LibraryELL3031234CoreKurdish / English
4Computer in LibraryCOL3040244148AssistEnglish
5Cataloging & ClassificationCAC3052245114CoreKurdish / English
6Collect BuildingCOB3052135CoreKurdish / English
Total Hours8122030750 

Fourth Semester

NoModules/ English


Theoretical (hrs)Practical (hrs)Total Hours/weekECTSWorkload (hrs)Subject TypeLanguage
1English Technical LanguageETL4010224AssistKurdish
2Program C++PRC4020334AssistEnglish
3Indexing & AbstractingELL3032146CoreKurdish / English
4Foundation administratingCOL3042144148CoreKurdish / English
5Graduation ProjectGRP4050446114CoreKurdish / English
6Holiday trainingHOT4060004Assist
Total Hours4111630750 

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