Directorate of Scientific Affairs

Summary of Activities

The directorate of Scientific Affairs at Erbil Polytechnic University (EPU) is under the authority of the office of the University Vice President for Scientific Affairs and Higher Education. It works for management and improvement of the university through follow up and supervision of the scientific affairs regarding the teaching staff and researchers.

These actions include management of the EPU higher education program, academic promotion, offering of academic titles, academic leaves, publication of  the Polytechnic Journal, editing and printing of scientific books, holding of the training courses on teaching methods for the teaching staff, and collaboration with other directorates for follow up and supervision of the scientific activities. This directorate is run by a person who holds doctorate degree. The directorate includes the following departments:

This department is run by the director of Higher Education who holds Ph.D. and two technical staffs who perform the administrative activities of the department. The department conducts the following activities:

  1. Supervision of the registration and enrolment of the higher education students at the EPU colleges.
  2. Planning of the higher education program jointly with the EPU scientific departments.
  3. Curriculum development for the higher education program.
  4. Issuing university decrees of graduation from the higher education program.

Issuing academic leaves for the EPU staff that are registered in the higher education program

Four staffs cover the work of this department which is leaded by one person who holds M.Sc. in administration. The activities of this department can be summarized as following:

  1. Writing, checking, and archiving of the memorandums which concern scientific affairs.
  2. Issuing, follow up and supervision of the process of offering academic titles for the teaching staff.
  3. Management and approval of the teaching and training activities at the EPU colleges and institutes.
  4. Supervision of the training courses on teaching methods for the teaching staff who belong to the university and those who belong to other channels as well. This activity is performed in collaboration with the directorate of training at EPU.
  5. Preparation of the annual EPU graduated students’ guide.

This department is run by two technical staffs. The activities of this department can be summarized as follows:

  1. Supervising the meetings of the Polytechnic journal editorial board.
  2. Supervision of the evaluation of the scientific articles for the purpose of publication in the journal.
  3. Construction of the terms and regulations of publishing the scientific researches in the Polytechnic University.
  4. Supervising of printing the Polytechnic journal.
  5. Issuing the publishing acceptance letters for the authors.

visit the journal:

contact No. +9647507414932

This department performs the following activities:

  1. Supervision and archiving the evaluation of book editing process including curricular, supportive curricular and general books.
  2. Supervising of book printing.
  3. Construction of terms and regulations for book editing and book printing.
  4. Research registration and confirmation for the faculty members.

Furthermore, this department performs the following activities in regard to academic promotion of the faculty members:

  1. Receiving and auditing of the academic promotion documents from the office of Vice University President for Scientific and Higher Education Affairs.
  2. Referral of the mentioned documents to the Plagiarism and Scientific Promotion Subcommittees at the EPU colleges.
  3. Referral of the internationally published research (which had been offered for promotion) to the EPU Central Board of Journal Accreditation.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Hoshyar Amin Ahmed

Director of Scientific Affairs

email: [email protected]