Erbil Polytechnic University Students Win A Financial Grant Support

Erbil Polytechnic University Students Win A Financial Grant Support

On the 26th of May 2021, with the university’s Rector of the university, his assistants, several academic staff, students, twelve EPU students from the Erbil Technical Engineering College, Erbil Technical Administration College, and Erbil Technical Health College delivered a seminar about the reusing food project. IREX organization implemented and collaborated in this project. Previously, the IREX organization performed this project within the Global Solutions for Sustainability Challenge, supported by Stevens Initiative, sponsored by The U.S.A. State Ministry, managed by Aspen Institute and implemented by IREX Organization.

In this project, the students will reuse the unused and remained food of the restaurants and food stores to make fertilizer materials or animal food. The project of the food reusing was implemented and constructed by the EPU students in collaboration with a group of American students from Virginia Community College in Virginia State. After receiving this financial support, it will be implemented by the EPU students in the Kurdistan Region by using this site.

It is worth to be mentioned that The Head Of Grant and Fund Raising in the International Relations Office Department in the EPU, Dr. Selar Othman Ali, could obtain this financial grant and arranged it by the following students.

Hevi Salam Ahmed

Aland Shhab Ali

Omer Aziz Abdulla

Omer Aziz Abdulla

Ali Muhamad Karim

Bela Munir Yousif

Ahmed Muhamad  Nuri

Jwan Jamal Jalal

Lavin Hashim Baqi

Nurxan Nasih Ababakr

Khanda Khalid Anwar

Paywand Fuad Ahmed

Muhamed Hasib Ahmed