Erbil Polytechnic  University Students Win IREX Small Grant

Erbil Polytechnic University Students Win IREX Small Grant

Erbil Polytechnic University (EPU) is delighted to announce that a team of students has obtained a grant to develop a prototype project for reducing wastage, creating a healthy environment, and better serve the local community. Through the grant, students will be able to develop a mobile application (Mobile International Waste Prevention MIWP) that will be used by restaurants and farmers to reduce food wastage and recycle it to cleaning products and feed animals. The team that obtained the grant consists of students from the three Erbil technical colleges of Health, Administration, and Engineering. Moreover, the mobile application was prepared and developed in collaboration with a group of students at Kirkwood Community College in Iowa, USA.


EPU is among the community colleges and universities from Iraq, Jordan, and the USA that participated in the Global Solutions Sustainability Challenges Programme from September to December 2019. It is a virtual exchange program in partnership with community colleges and universities from the said countries. This program is supported by the Stevens Initiative, sponsored by the US Department of State, administered by Aspen Institute, and implemented by IREX.

The team consists of 12 students, supervised and facilitated by Dr. Selar Othman Ali, Head of Grant and Fundraising in the International Relations Office.The team consists of these students: (Aland Shahab Ali, Hevi Salam Ahmed, Omer Azez Abdullah, Bella Muneer Yousif, Lavin Hashim Baqi,  Jwan Jamal Jalal, Ali Muhammed Karim, Paiwand Fuad Ahmed, Nurxan Nasih Ababekir,  Xanda Xalid Anwar, Ahmed Muhammed Nouri,  and Mohammad Hasseb).


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