ُErbil Polytechnic University and Tishk International University has Arranged 6th International Engineering Conference

Today Wednesday 26th of February 2020, the sixth international conference has been held under the title “Sustainable Technology and Development” in Dedaman hotel by Both EPU and Tish International University, which will continue for two days. The official members of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the rectors of several national and international universities, and VIPs have attended the conference.

In this event, Asst. Prof. Dr. Kawa Sherwani delivered his statement in which he warmly welcomed the guests. He said, “It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the 6th International Engineering Conference (IEC2020) under the theme of “Sustainable Technology and Development,” which is jointly organized by Erbil Polytechnic University (EPU) and Tishk International University (TIU) in collaboration with IEEE. This conference is an interdisciplinary forum providing platforms to present new advances and state-to-the-art research in the fields and sub-domains of Engineering applications”.

His Excellency also said,” The Conference is organized according to the international conference standards in accordance with the guidelines agreed upon with our IEEE technical partner under the regulations of the ministry of higher education in the Kurdistan Region. Researchers from different countries are participating in this conference, including the UK, USA, Netherlands, Afganistan, Serbia, Iran, Russia, South Africa, Jordan, Turkey, and Malaysia, and researchers from different parts of Iraq. We believe that Erbil is an excellent place to host such a great conference since the policies of the Kurdistan Region is to promote international relations and  Internationalization. This conference is part of the university’s strategy towards developing applied sciences and Technical Education. In the past few years, the university has continuously tried to enhance its collaboration with national and international academic institutions and organizations for our students and staff to have access to a broader global academia”.

The Rector of EPU continued his speech and said,” Thankfully, these efforts have not wasted. Our university has upgraded from group D to group C in the national ranking (NUR). It is now in the top nine universities among Iraqi universities by google scholar citations. We are also very proud to announce around 180 seats for Ph.D., masters, and higher diplomas in various technical fields in the nine departments at our university.

This year the university is also implementing ECTS  in all its first-year undergraduate programs. Holding such activities have a massive step towards the university’s strive for internationalization and accreditation. I am confident that the conference will significantly contribute to Sustainable Technology and Development. The meeting is also an excellent platform for networking and establishing collaboration with various institutions and researchers. The parallel sessions of the conference will provide a strategic ground for intellectual discourses.


Asst. Prof. Dr. Kawa Sherwani finally said, “Now, I would like to warmly welcome the delegates from different countries and the other parts of Iraq. And I hope you have a two day productive and fruitful conference. I would also like to appreciate the hard work of the organizing committee members for their excellent team spirit and cooperation. I would like to thanks our partner Tishik University, Dr. Idrees Hadi, and his team. I also would like to thank IEEE for their technical help and publishing the submitted papers in quality international journals”.

In this conference, Dr. Idris Hadi also presented a speech in which he welcomed the guests and delivered a presentation about Tishk International University and a summary of the meeting.

After that, Dr. Nuri Harzani presented his speech, and he Appreciated the hard-working and significant activities of both universities. He said, “from 2017, the process of ranking of universities had affected so positively upon conducting scientific and academic conferences. Such conferences of engineering have a key role in reflecting upon other universities and governmental institutions, and we, as the ministry, support universities to develop sustainably. Finally, I would like to appreciate your great continuous activities highly”.

Annually, Both Erbil Polytechnic University and Tishk International University mutually hold such similar conferences in which the researchers of both universities deliver various researches and tackle them during the meeting.




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