Language Centre


  1. Promoting English language among the staff members and the academies of the university to internationalize its ranking and meet the standards of world higher education system.
  2. Offering services to the community, including language courses to help them overcome language weaknesses.
  3. Enhancing the academic and scientific progress in EPU by promoting English language use in the curricula.
  4. Improving the proficiency of English language among EPU students.
  5. Developing the skills of the participants suitable to a range of careers.
  6. Equipping our participants with practical, written, oral, and critical thinking skills in the English language.
  7. Collaborating with all national and international institutions to further develop the missions

Every year, Language Centre at Erbil Polytechnic University (EPU) helps hundreds of people around Kurdistan Region to study at leading universities in the region to achieve their academic and personal targets. Immediately after its commencement, the Centre has opened its doors to various courses to accommodate the needs of the interested individuals.

The Language Centre was established in May, 2016. Its main objective was to develop the quality of teaching and learning at the EPU in general and enhance the English language skills of the lecturers, staff members and the participants who join the classes. It was also aimed at developing the academic and scientific progress in the EPU and the Region. To accomplish its aims, the Language Centre started opening English language courses for beginners, elementary and pre-intermediate participants. Nevertheless the Language Centre has so far opened four IELTS Preparation Courses for MA, MSc and PhD holders’ who wanted to access higher education and prosper their personal and academic development.

Participants across the universities and ministries in Kurdistan region in both public and private sector have joined these courses, and through us, they have successfully achieved their targets in the IELTS Test. Currently, the Centre is preparing to open a course for the teaching staff of the EPU to enrich their academic English language skills and encourage them to do further research through accessing English materials and resources. This is also aimed at promoting the university ranking at a national and international level.

  The Language Centre strives for the best. Therefore, it intends to open internationally recognized and accredited English language courses as well as international English language test centres including IELTS, TOEFL IBT, and PTE in collaboration with well-known centres and institutes around the world.  The Centre also tries to establish official links with these universities and institutions by signing memorandum of understanding to develop the centre locally and internationally.                             

The Language Centre has an expert team with a vast knowledge and experience in helping students to achieve their targets. Students are guaranteed for a great quality of education and learning experience in a friendly environment. Our staff is dedicated to make students’ journey pleasant and provide a great student learning experience. To keep in touch with alumni, the Language Centre has set up web pages for current and future participants to establish links between students from the past and those joining the courses currently. The aim of these web pages is to provide emotional and practical support for the students in order to perform at their best levels. This social network helps new students to understand the issues they might face and the practicalities they might have to focus on while studying.

Emails: [email protected]

Tel: 0662624400

Location: Erbil- Kirkuk Road, opposite Engineering college 

Our team

Dr. Saman Abdulqadir Dizayi


PhD in English Literature

Istanbul Aydin University– Turkey, 2017.

Director of Language Centre

email:[email protected]

Nadhim Hasan Azeez

Teaching Staff

MA in Teaching English – TESOL, University of Liverpool – United Kingdom, 2013.

email: [email protected]

Dr. Abdullah Omar Yassen

Teaching Staff

Degree: PhD in International Law

Newcastle University – United Kingdom, 2016.

email: [email protected]

Ala Najmaddin Hassan 

Teaching Staff

MA in English language & Literature

Istanbul Ayden University –

 Turkey, 2017.

email: [email protected]

 Zhilia Dlshad Abdulwahed

Teaching Staff

BA in English Language and Literature

University of Salahaddin  

Erbil, Iraq – 2017.  MA Candidate in English Literature, UKH.

email: [email protected]

Rawand Yousif Shkur


Degree: BA in Accounting

University of Salahaddin – Erbil, Iraq – 2012.


 Muzafar Abdulqadir Awla


B.Sc. in Accounting, Cihan University – Erbil, Iraq – 2015