Community Health Department

Community Health Department

In the year 1999 our department was starting, the Koya Technical Institute / Community Health Department / Erbil Polytechnic University within the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

 The Department of Community Health was established for the purpose of preparing medical and middle health cadres and covering the needs of hospitals and primary health centres that accompanied the development in the modern reality of Kurdistan.

The duration of study at the Institute is two years in addition to summer training. The student receives the basic knowledge and skills necessary in his / her specialization. The graduate is awarded a technical diploma within the job description of a technical assistant.


The Community Health Department aims to graduate medical technical staffs work in fields of health professional safety and in sector of heath inspection and supervision, helping on achievement the programs of primary health care, also to contribute in campaigns of health instructions, and to help the physician through the procedures of diagnosis, and treatment.

General Learning Outcomes (GLO):

1- The graduate should work in team of health inspection and supervision helping into collecting samples from foods, water, or elsewhere as a laboratory survey about the disease as far as to know those resources compatibility in accord with heath conditions.

In addition, the graduate may help in achieving the primary health care programs through his controlling on the diarrhea infections, the acute respiratory diseases, and the improvement against the transitional contagious diseases, educating and encouraging mothers to think favourably about the breast-feeding as well as providing nutrition advices.

 2- Graduate work in the field of occupational health safety.

3- Graduate work in teams of Health Survey as well as in campaigns providing health guidance to the visited areas.

4- The graduate should help doctor in diagnostic procedures, therapeutic, and nursing.

5- Running and take caring apparatus in used as well as instruments used in diagnosis and treatment.

6- Participate in surveys for transitional contagious diseases and how to control on them.

Program Learning Outcome (PLO)

Health inspection and sanitation groups and assist in laboratory investigation for the tested. Samples and evaluate their qualification to health parameters.

Executing primary health care programs.

Health and occupational safety field.

Health survey and health education groups.

Helping the Doctors (Physicians) in the diagnostic and treatment processes during executing health programs.

Using medical instrumentations which are involved in diagnosis and treatment.

Cooperation with Physicians for disease investigation and control of communicable diseases with research about health problems.

Minimum requirements for graduation programs include:

  • Degree from an accredited university with a GPA of 2.0 or higher on a 4.00 scale (50% or more)


The Community Health Department is a leading technical education institution providing quality programs inherent in the development of scientific knowledge and technical skills in various countries of the world. Community Health Section: The Section aims to develop technical staff working in the field of hospital staff ,occupational health and safety, inspection and health control and implementation of primary health care programs and campaigns Health Awareness.


  1. To equip with the knowledge and skills to be able to plan, organize and evaluate appropriate health programs (promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative) in collaboration with other members of the health team in order to reduce mortality and morbidity in the community.2. To develop in the graduates the spirit of team work in promoting health and improving the standards and quality of life and environmental health for the individuals, groups, and the whole community in collaboration with other sectors.

Ayad Kareem Ali

MSc/ Lecturer

Head of Council

Ayad Kareem Ali (

Hemn Sleman Ali

MSc/ Assistant Lecturer

Hemn Sleman Ali (

Saman Rafeeq Abdullah

PhD Student

Saman Rafeeq Abdullah (

First Semester




Theory (hrs.)

Practical (hrs.)

Total Hours/Week


Workload (hrs.)

Subject Type


1Kurdology and Human RightsKUR1013035125GeneralKurdish
2English SkillsENG1022246150GeneralEnglish
3Computer EssentialsCOM1030334100GeneralEnglish
4Community Health/1COH1042358200CoreEnglish
5Medical MicrobiologyMEM1052357175AssistEnglish

Second Semester

No.SubjectCodeTheory (hrs.)Practical (hrs.)Total Hours/WeekECTSWorkload (hrs.)Subject TypeLanguage
1English LanguageENG2012024100GeneralEnglish
5Nursing & First aidNUF2052248200coreEnglish
Third Semester
No.SubjectCodeTheory (hrs.)Practical (hrs.)Total Hours/WeekECTSWorkload (hrs.)Subject TypeLanguage
1Community Health/2COH3022358150CoreEnglish

Health Inspection

3Surgical internal medicineSIM3042357160CoreEnglish
Fourth Semester
No.SubjectCodeTheory (hrs.)Practical (hrs.)Total Hours/WeekECTSWorkload (hrs.)Subject TypeLanguage
1Occupational Health & Safety OCS4012355160CoreEnglish
2Nutrition NUT4022024140CoreEnglish
3Professional EthicsPRE4032024140GeneralArabic
4Environment HealthENH4042355160BasicEnglish
5Communicable DiseaseCOD4052246150CoreEnglish
6Graduation ProjectGRP40600060GeneralKurdish

Ayad Karim Ali

MSc/ Lecturer

Head of Department

Hemn Sleman Ali

MSc/ Assistant Lecturer

Assistant to head of department

Saman Rafiq Abdullah

PhD student

Gulala Abdulsalam Hamad

Higher Diploma

Mo’ayad Yassin Ali


Wshyar Ibrahim Abdullah


Rabar Aziz Rashid

Technical Diploma

Hero Ghazi Fattah

Technica Diploma

Bnar Samad Ahmed

Technical Diploma

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