Construction and Materials Technology Department

The Department of (Construction and Materials Technology )at the University of Erbil Polytechnic equips its students for successful careers in the field of Building and Construction Materials which investigates environmental loading and durability, proposes evaluation methods of building materials and components, and develops methods to maintain and repair buildings and roads for a long service life. Whether your goal is to join the workforce with a Diploma degree (two years) or a Bachelor’s degree (Four years), or to further your education in graduate school, the program is ideal.

The curriculum consists of courses taught by a world-renowned faculty decorated both for their teaching skill and their research prowess. The courses are designed to teach timeless fundamentals underlying the discipline, while preparing the students to apply modern day approaches to materials problems. In addition to coursework, there is ample opportunity to become involved in cutting edge Construction and Materials Engineering research by joining one of the many faculty led research groups.

The department aims at giving / providing students the technical Diploma degree (two years) under the name of Construction and Materials Technology.

Bachelor’s degree (four years) at Construction and Materials Technology Engineering.



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