Marketing Department

Marketing Department

About Marketing Department
The Department of Marketing Management at the Administrative Technical Institute of Erbil was opened according to the university order issued by the Erbil Polytechnic University / No. (4801) on (31/7/2018) and for the academic year 2018/2019, and for the development and progress taking place in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and the Region’s need for technic Moderation and technical in the private sector represented by commercial companies and shopping centers spread in them and the government for these technical cadres, and the graduate from this department obtains a technical diploma after completing the study requirements represented by two academic years according to the Bologna Process System (ECTS) on four Semester, the graduate can work as a sales representative Or the director of the marketing department (sales) .. Etc.


Department’s vision
We as Erbil Technical Administrative Institute intended to open the marketing management department to create central cadres in Erbil because of the need for this expertise within the mentioned field. Also, as a blueprint of our institute, we are constantly trying open new departments for serving our university and students future.
Therefore, we must take labour markets opinion based of the needs after submitting to orders from Ministry of Higher Education in continuous efforts to facilitate and pave the way for continuity and progress studying.


After the follow-up and the need of the Kurdistan Region for a new specialization that fits with the labor market and the Institute.
Also, after extensive study by the Scientific Committee, Quality Assurance, Study Programs, Productivity and the private shopping centers, and for this purpose a new section was opened in the name of Marketing Department
The market demand for this specialization, and the creation of specialized middle cadres shows the importance of this section to us, and it is no less important than the rest of the sections.
The study in this department is two years and a modern program will be capable of achieving the requirements of the market. Graduates of this department will be able to work as sales representatives and in administration departments in the field of marketing.

Department  Council Members

Marketing Management Department / Modules of First Semester
NoModules/ EnglishCodTheoretical (hrs)Practical (hrs)Total Hours/weekECTSWorkload (hrs)Subject TypeLanguage
1Kurdology/Human RightsKUR1013035135RequestKurdish
2English Skills/ 1ENS1022246162RequestEnglish
3Computer EssentialsCOE1030334108RequestEnglish
4Business Administration PrinciplesBAP1042247189CoreKurdish Arabic/English
5Marketing Principles / IMAP1052358216CoreKurdish
/English/ Arabic
Total Hours9101930810
Marketing Management Department / Modules of Second Semester
NoModules/ EnglishCodTheoretical (hrs)Practical (hrs)Total Hours/weekECTSWorkload (hrs)Subject TypeLanguage
1English Skills /2ENS 2011124108RequestEnglish
2Marketing Text MAT2022246162Core English
3Economy Principles ECP 2032246162AssistKurdish Arabic/English
4Marketing Principles II MAP 2042358216Core Kurdish Arabic/English
5Statistics PrinciplesSTP 2052246162AssistEnglish
Total Hours9101930810
Marketing Management Department/ Modules of Third Semester
NoModules/ EnglishCodTheoretical (hrs)Practical (hrs)Total Hours/weekECTSWorkload (hrs)Subject TypeLanguage
1International Marketing INM3012358216CoreKurdish Arabic/English
2Promotion Management PRM3022358216CoreKurdish Arabic/English
3Marketing Information System MIS 3032247189CoreKurdish Arabic/English
4Public Relations PUR3042247189AssistKurdish Arabic/English
Total Hours8101830810
Marketing Management Department Department / Modules of Fourth Semester
NoModulesCodTheoretical (hrs)Practical (hrs)Total Hours/weekECTSWorkload (hrs)Subject TypeLanguage
1Marketing Services MAS4012358216CoreKurdish Arabic/English
2Distribution Chanel Management DCM4022358216CoreKurdish Arabic/English
3E-Marketing ELM4032247189CoreKurdish Arabic/English
4Consumer’s Behavior COB4042247189CoreKurdish Arabic/English
Total Hours8101830810

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