Accouting Department

Accouting Department

Accounting Department
This Department was established in 1991 and the main Objective is to graduate with Intermediate cadres from the accounting specialization so that they serve the economic units In terms of arranging payrolls and Keeping accounting records so for (2727) students have graduated from the morning and evening shifts.


The department’s vision/ Achieving excellence and leadership in all aspects of academic and professional accounting and community service.
department message
Creating an academic and professional environment capable of graduating distinguished cadres in the accounting field who are committed to professional ethics to meet the requirements of the labor market and activate the community partnership.


Department goals
1- Providing students with practical and accounting experiences to face the changing accounting environment
2- Preparing distinguished accounting research and studies.
Providing training services and accounting consultancy to support and develop various local community institutions.
Knowledge of accounting methods and modern approaches to apply them in companies and institutions.

council member of Department

Accounting Department / Modules of First Semester
NoModules/ EnglishCodTheoretical (hrs.)Practical (hrs.)Total Hours/weekECTSWorkload (hrs.)Subject TypeLanguage
1KurdologyKUR 1013035125RequestKurdish
2English Skills/ 1ENS 1022246150RequestEnglish
3Computer Essentials COE 1030334100RequestEnglish
4Business Administration Principles BAP 1042246150AssistKurdish / Arabic English
5Accounting Principles/1ACP 1053369225CoreKurdish / Arabic English
Total Hours10102030750
Accounting Department / Modules of Second Semester
NoModules/ EnglishCodTheoretical (hrs.)Practical (hrs.)Total Hours/weekECTSWorkload (hrs.)Subject TypeLanguage
1English Skills /2ENS 2011124100RequestEnglish
2Computer ApplicationsCOA 2020334100AssistEnglish
3Statistics & Financial MathSFM 2032246150CoreKurdish/ Arabic English
4Government AccountingGOA 2042357175CoreArabic/ Kurdish English
5Accounting Principles/2ACP 2053369225CoreArabic/ Kurdish English
Total Hours8122030750
Accounting Department / Modules of Third Semester
NoModules/ EnglishCodTheoretical (hrs.)Practical (hrs.)Total Hours/weekECTSWorkload (hrs.)Subject TypeLanguage
1Intermediate Accounting INA 3012246150CoreArabic Kurdish / English
2Uniform Accounting System/1UAS 3022247175CoreArabic/ Kurdish English
3Specialized AccountingSPA 3032357175CoreArabic/ Kurdish English
4Micro EconomicsMIE 3042246150CoreArabic/ Kurdish English
5Ready Accounting Software/1RAS 3050334100AssistEnglish
Total Hours8122030750
Accounting Department / Modules of Fourth Semester
NoModulesCodTheoretical (hrs.)Practical (hrs.)Total Hours/weekECTSWorkload (hrs.)Subject TypeLanguage
1Cost AccountingCOA 4012357175CoreEnglish
2Uniform Accounting System/2UAS 4022247175CoreArabic Kurdish / English
3Companies Accounting COA 4032246150CoreArabic/ Kurdish English
4AuditingAUD 4042246150CoreArabic/ Kurdish English
5Ready Accounting Software/2RAS 4050334100CoreEnglish
Total Hours8122030750

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