Department of Business Administration Techniques

Application of science and modern science in specialized areas.
Demonstrate effective communication and writing skills.
Motivation of the concepts of self-education and self-training.
Acquire the skills to lead relevant work and build productive leaders.
Ability to use logical and critical thinking.
Ability to analyze and synthesize ideas.
Ability to manage conflict and crises.
Ability to formulate, develop and implement strategic, operational and tactical action plans.
Develop scientific research, creativity and innovation skills.
Use various ICT tools.
Provide students with leadership skills, building effective and efficient teams.
Recognition of ethical and professional principles.


Change and being creative is our destination as well as experiential techniques of business education.
“Inspired by industry. Motivated by student success.”
Our goals are formed from the values of our department
Student: Our highest priority center is the future success of our students.
Excellence: We are committed to providing courses that go above and beyond.
Innovation: Our collaboration with business management means that we are always creating new ways to teach relevant skills to students.
Respect: We believe diversity is a source of strength, and we protect the rights and dignity of our students and staff.
Educating Students: We promote students’ intellectual and professional development by emphasizing communication, critical and analytical thinking, collaboration, knowledge management and broad exposure to key business management disciplines.
Cultural Competency: We maintain and develop current and responsive curriculum that prepares students for the global business management environment through broad exposure to key business management disciplines.
Physical Learning Environment: We strive to provide physical infrastructure with appropriate technology that provides an environment where our students and faculty can grow professionally and intellectually.
Collegial: We encourage transparency in our decision-making practice through a shared governance process based on interactions between faculty, staff and students.
Service: We seek collaborative partnerships among our internal and external stakeholders to influence and promote lifelong and experiential learning, research, service, and community engagement.
Diversity: We value the opportunity to work, learn, and grow in a community that embraces a diversity of individuals and ideas.
Ethics: We are committed to ethical and responsible behavior in our own actions and to developing the same commitment in our students by promoting an awareness of professional ethical responsibilities.
Accountability: We are committed to responsibility and accountability for our actions at all levels, including continuous evaluation and improvement of our academic programs and transparency in our financial and administrative measures.


Prepare students for successful business management-related careers in organizations by fostering intellectual and personal growth, developing specific management skill sets relevant to the global business community and designing and delivering innovative, career-centered programs. We work tirelessly to provide students with the right blend of academic excellence and practical hands-on experience, nurturing ambitious individuals to further their careers. how do we do it.
In running an EPU business, the way we do things is just as important as what we do. We provide an inspiring, creative and positive environment for our students, and all our tutors have extensive practical experience to share.

      First Semester

No.Name of modulesCodeTheory hoursPractical hoursTotal Hours/weekECTSWorkloadSubject TypeLanguage
1Modules/ EnglishKUR1013035125RequestKurdish
3English for Academic purpose/1COE1030334100RequestEnglish
4Computer Essential/1BAP1042358200CoreKurdish/ English/ Arabic
Administration Principles
Total Hours

     Second Semester

No.Name of modulesCodTheoretical (hrs)Practical (hrs)Total Hours/weekECTSWorkload (hrs)Subject TypeLanguage
1English for Academic purpose/1EAP2012246051RequestEnglish
2Contemporary ManagementCOM2022358200CoreKurdish/ English/ Arabic
3Economy PrinciplesECP2032246150AssistKurdish/
English/ Arabic
4Statistics PrinciplesSTP2041235125AssistEnglish
5Financial MathFIM2051235125CoreEnglish
Total Hours8111930651

 Third Semester

No.Name of modulesCodTheoretical (hrs)Practical (hrs)Total Hours/weekECTSWorkload (hrs)Subject TypeLanguage
1H.R.M.HRM3012358200CoreKurdish/ English/ Arabic
English/ Arabic
3Quality MethodsQUM3032246150CoreEnglish
5Commercial LawCOL3052134100AssistKurdish/
English/ Arabic
Total Hours81220<p>30</p><p>750</p> 

     Fourth Semester

No.Name of modulesCodeTheory hoursPractical hoursTotal Hours /WeekECTSWorkloadSpecialtyLanguage
1E. TradeELT4012246150CoreKurdish/
English/ Arabic
2Administrative LawADL4022245025AssistKurdish/
English/ Arabic
4Entrepreneurship Micro ProjectEMP4042247175CoreEnglish
5Time ManagementTIM4052246150CoreKurdish/
Total Hours10102030651

 Fifth Semester

No.Name of modulesCodeTheory hoursPractical hoursTotal Hours /WeekECTSWorkloadSpecialtyLanguage
1E. managementELM5011347175CoreEnglish
2Organization TheoryORT5022246150CoreKurdish/
English/ Arabic
3Risk Management InsuranceRMI5032246051AssistKurdish/ English/ Arabic
4Business EthicBUE5041245125AssistEnglish
5Visible StudiesVIS5051346150CoreKurdish/
English/ Arabic
Total Hours7121930651

    Sixth Semester

No.Name of modulesCodeTheory hoursPractical hoursTotal Hours /WeekECTSWorkloadSpecialtyLanguage
2Total Quality ManagementTQM6022245125CoreKurdish/ English/ Arabic
4Cost AccountingCOA6042245125AssistEnglish
5Computerizing Project ManagementCPM6050334100AssistKurdish/ English/ Arabic
Summer TrainingSUT6060004100
Total Hours7101630750

     Seventh Semester

No.Name of modulesCodeTheory hoursPractical hoursTotal Hours /WeekECTSWorkloadSpecialtyLanguage
1Production& Operation
POM7012058200CoreKurdish/ English/ Arabic
2Bank ManagementBAM7022246150CoreKurdish/
English/ Arabic
STM7032246150CoreKurdish/ English/ Arabic
4Scientific Research MethodsSRM7040205125AssistKurdish/ English/ Arabic
5Websites ManagementWEM7050335125AssistEnglish
Total Hours691630750

   Eighth Semester

No.Name of modulesCodeTheory hoursPractical hoursTotal Hours /WeekECTSWorkloadSpecialtyLanguage
1Materials ManagementMAM8012246150CoreKurdish/
English/ Arabic
2Managerial Information SystemMIS8022246150AssistKurdish/ English/ Arabic
3Business IntelligenceBUI8032246150AssistEnglish
5Graduation Research ProjectGRP8051446150AssistKurdish/ English/ Arabic
Total Hours9122030750

Raqeeb Abdullah Omer

Assistant Lecturer

Dler Ezzaldin Najmaldin

Assistant Lecture

Fakhraddin Bayz Ali

Assistant Lecturer

Bariza Baddih M. Amin

Assistant Lecturer

Dilan Fouad sherwani

Assistant Lecturer

Walaa jawdat ali

Assistant professor

Bayar Ali Ismael

Assistant Lecturer

Farman Tahseen Aziz

Assistant Lecturer

Dalya Mohammed Ahmad

Assistant Lecturer

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