CDC Directorate

The Career Development Center (CDC) at Erbil Polytechnic University (EPU)

CDC Mandate:

  1. Assist students and teach them how to write their own CVs and utter them as per job requirements;
  2. Help students to develop soft-skills (communication, leadership, time management, negotiation, management, job interview conduct, critical thinking, etc.);
  3. Teach the students how to job search;
  4. Teach the graduates how to keep the job after being hired for the job (teaching them the value of time and time management, team playing, problem solving, respecting the management, the willingness to learn new things, etc.).
  1. The above mandates are offered for the 10,500 students that are currently enrolled into the 11 educational institutions of EPU (3 Colleges: Erbil Technical Engineering College, Erbil Administration Technical College, Erbil Technical Health College, and 8 Institutes: Erbil Medical Institute, Koya Technical Institute, Shaqlawa Technical Institute, Khabat Tecgnical Institute, Erbil Technology Institute, Choman Technical Institute, Soran Technical Institute, Erbil Technical Administration Institute), and the services are offered to the alumni as well.

    At CDC, in addition to providing the above services and trainings, we provide counseling to the students on how to find an appropriate place for doing their summer training or internship.

    CDC works closely with the private sector and public organizations for finding training placement and internship for our students and to find jobs for the graduates.

    CDC Department works closely with the staff of different departments to organize seminars and training on the topics mentioned above to assist the students making the right choices in pursuing their goals in completing the programs they are registered in and to improve the students’ ability to job search and finding jobs.

    CDC works with all the educational institutions at EPU to organize “Design Day” where students and their supervisors show solutions to problems that the job market faces.  To the Design Day will be invited representatives of the Business Community, government organizations, Chamber of Commerce, NGOs, and of course the companies whose problems were solved.   This is a good opportunity for meeting face to face between students and the job-market representatives and some of the businesses might have job offers for some students.

    As well, CDC works closely with the staff on inviting representatives of the local industry (successful people and preferably graduates of EPU who work in the leading positions of the local companies) to classrooms (once or twice a year) for about 20 minutes to talk to the students about the importance of working hard and trying to learn as much as possible from their instructors and teachers.   As well, we encourage the different departments at EPU to agree with local businesses to take their students to the companies, especially where the private sector have more advanced equipment than EPU departments, so that the students get familiar with the latest equipment that are available in the market.  Such visits could be once a month or as per the agreement with the local companies.  

    We announce on the EPU website any Job Fairs that takes place in the city so that the students and the graduates can attend the event and make contacts with the business representatives.   And, we obtain information about job vacancies that are announced at Job Fairs and we post them on our website.

    CDC has started collecting information from the alumni and the current students to establish a Data Base to ease reaching them when we need to deliver some information to them.   As well, we have built a questionnaire to ask the graduates about their programs of education and the subjects that they find to be very useful and about the subjects they should have studied at their programs.   We use the information for improving the curricula for the future.

    We are in the process of establishing a CDC Unit at each of the 11 educational institutions or EPU.  At each CDC Unit will be appointed one representative of CDC who will get the training materials from the main CDC Department at the University Headquarters and we work together with each of them to coordinate the method of delivering of the materials to the students (either by a CDC staff or by coordinating with one of the staff of the educational institution) in a Seminar or in a training session. At this point, there is only two staff at the CDC Department: the director and the Internship Coordinator.

List of EPU Alumni

CDC Staff

 Adnan Ibrahim Shihab  PhD  

Director of CDC

[email protected]

Zana Dlshad

Internship Coordinator