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Erbil Polytechnic University

Erbil Polytechnic University was founded in 1993 by the Kurdistan National Council and was opened in 1996 under the name of ‘Foundation of Technical Institutes’. When the Technical colleges were opened, its name was changed to ‘ Foundation of Technical Studies. It later became the Erbil Polytechnic University in 2012, embracing 3 colleges and 8 technical institutes.

–  Erbil Polytechnic university is a scientific governmental academy which aims at educating technical qualified people in the various specialties to meet the needs of the society, as a non-profitable centre of education.

–  It develops human capacities and resources in technical fields for the graduates of the preparatory schools, and educating technical qualified people in relation to the marketing needs.

–  It provides advisory services in all advisory councils.

–  It supports scientific research and innovations to reach profession and new ideas on an advanced level.

Research Centres / Research laboratories include:

Biomedical Research Laboratory

Computer Science and Information Technology Research Laboratory

Solar Energy Laboratory.


Erbil polytechnic University in Numbers:

  19 years of service in higher education.

  3 Technical Colleges.

 It has 8 Technical Institutes.

 Provides 37 different majors (Specialties).

 EPU provides (32866 ) different majors.

 It has 8474 students enrolled in the 2014-2015 academic year.

  EPU has 387 MA and Ph.D degree holders.

The University has 1865 Administrative employees (Staff Members).

The University has 180 employees studying postgraduate studies.

 It provides master degree and diploma



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EPU Collges, Institutes and Departments

1.Erbil Technical Engineering


Civil Engineering Techniques, Mechanical and Energy Engineering Techniques, Information System Engineering Techniques, Highway Engineering Techniques

2.Erbil Administration Technical College

Departments: Technical Business Management, Technical Finance and Accountings

Technical Media, 

3.Erbil Technical health college

Departments: Medical laboratory science, Physiotherapy

  1. Erbil Medical Institute

Departments: Optometry, Health prevention, Community Health

Midwifery, Medical laboratory instrument techniques

Radiology, Pharmacy, Nursing, Prosthetic, Dental assistant

  1. Erbil Technology Institute

Departments:Electric/ Power, Surveying, Information Technology

Refrigeration and Air Condition, Mechanic, Communication

Building & Construction, Highway, Automotive Technology

Petroleum Technology

6.Erbil Technical Administration Institute

Departments: Law Administration, Accounting Department

Media, Tourist Guides, Tourism Foundation Administration

Business Administration, Librarianship Information Science

System Information Management

  1. Koya Technical Institute

Departments: Preventive Health, Low Administration

Tourism Institution Administration, Accounting

Nursing, Business Administration

Radiology, Medical Lab.Technology, Petroleum, Chemical Analysis

  1. Shaqlawa Technical Institute


Veterinary Department Disease, Analysis Department

Information Technology, Engineering Drawing, Nursing

Statistics and Information, Business Administration, Building Construction, Material Administration

  1. Soran Technical Institute


Nursing, Medical Laboratory Technology, Midwifery

Prosthetic Limbs, Information Technology, Business Administration


  1. Khabat Technical Institute

Departments: Plant Protection, Horticulture

Field Crops, Legally Administration, Information Technology

  1. Choman Technical Institute

Departments: Business Administration, Information Technology (I.T), Customs Administration.