Assistant Professor Dr Kawa Sherwani

Head of The Council

Rector’s Message

Welcome to Erbil Polytechnic University

Erbil Polytechnic University (EPU) is a public university, located in Erbil City of Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Since its establishment in 2012, EPU has been dedicated to providing a multifaceted education through our educational model of technical education, which consists of technical colleges and institutes in 11 campuses. In recent years, EPU has been taking inventiveness for a comprehensive and structural reform and entered a new era of unprecedented growth, focusing on labour market needs, research and internationalization.

EPU is the offshoot of Foundation of Technical Education, which was founded by Kurdistan Parliament in 1993 under the name of Foundation of Technical Institutes. It started working effectively to run the technical institutes in 1996, because previously these institutes had run by Foundation of Technical Education in Baghdad. In 2004, its name changed to Foundation of Technical Education. Recently, it was converted to Erbil Polytechnic University by KRG.

On behalf of EPU, I would like to invite you to look at our website to get a better sense of our academic programmes and latest development. Also, I would like to welcome you to visit our gorgeous campuses where you can see our strengths and gains, act together with us and experience the uniqueness of the EPU community.

Currently, this university has three technical colleges and eight technical institutes. It encompasses around 400 teaching staff and around 11000 students. The university council, which is the utmost authority, includes the president, three vice presidents and the deans of technical colleges and institutes.

The vision of our university is ensuring a creative, comprehensive, and technical education, based on labor market needs, that focuses on providing local stakeholders needs and the dynamic needs of Kurdistan Region.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Kawa Abdulkareem Sherwani

Council Members

Assistant to the rector for students and dormitories affairs

This post is managed by the University’s rector 

Assistant professor Dr. Jawdat Jafar khatab

Assistant to the rector for administrative and financial affairs 

Erbil Administration Technical College’s dean 

PhD: Economy- Banking

Email: [email protected]

Dr. Najeeb Toma Rassam

Assistant to the rector for scientific affairs 

PhD: Semiconductor Physics and Thin Film Technology

email:[email protected]

Dr. Botan Majeed Asngar

Erbil Technology Institute’s dean

PhD: Civil Engineering Highway and Transportation Planning

Email:[email protected]


Assistant professor. Omed Arshad Hawezi

Erbil Medical Institute dean
Erbil Technical health college’s dean

Master: Medical microbiology

Email: [email protected]

Professor Dr. Mereen Hasan fahmi Rasheed

Erbil Technical Engineering’s Dean

PhD: Urban Engineering 

Email:[email protected]

Dr. Muhammed khidir Qadir

Koya Technical Institute’s dean

PhD: Civil Status Law

Email:[email protected]

Dr. Abdulhadi Omer Qoje

Shaqlawa Technical Institute’s dean

PhD: Animal Reproduction Physiology 

Email:[email protected]

Dr. Brzo Hamza dzayi

Erbil Technical Administration Institute’s Dean

Pakistan Hamad ameen yusf

Soran Technical Institute’s dean​


Master: Adult Nursing 

Email:[email protected]

Sarwar Jamal Haydar

Choman Technical Institute’s dean​


Master: International relations

Email:[email protected]

Soran Zanoon Yasin

Khabat Technical Institute


Master: Physics

Email: [email protected]

Dr. Hayman Kakakhan Awla

Research center’s manager 

PhD: Plant Pathology

Email:[email protected]

Dr. Affan Othman Hussain

Trustee of University council

PhD: Agricultural Machinery 

Email: [email protected]