The representations of gatekeeping theory in social media from the view point of media masters.

  • Ibrahim Salih Ismael
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  • This study treats the media gatekeeper theory in the new media specifically in social media. So, if the gatekeeper theory was fairly stable for traditional media, its concept for the new media has changed considerably. The researcher will try during this study to discuss the nature of the relationship between the gatekeeper theory with the concepts of freedom of expression and the abuses in social media on the other hand, as well as in the era of fabrication, chaos of information, fake news, misleading and manipulative, the study will try to answer the question of: Should the role of the gatekeeper return to the new media?

    This study is a (descriptive study), which is one of the most prominent methods of scientific research in human studies, and also relied on (survey method), which is an important tool in field studies, the study used the (Electronic questionnaire forms) for the research sample consisting of (98) specialist academics in media and communication in (21) of Kurdistan region and Iraqi universities. While the study depended to use the (observation and interview), the researcher interviewed specialists in (Law, Philosophy, Sociology and Psychology) to show their opinion on the topic raised.

    The study concluded that the role of gatekeeping theory continues in the new media, but changes have taken place. The information on the social media has a little credibility and news has a poor quality. Community media can be a positive intermediary between individual values and community values and awareness of users. Laws, regulations, editorial boards of social media networks, and the culture of individuals, can be gatekeepers in the social media. Finley, the gatekeeper theory will continue in the future, but with different representations.

  • Erbil Technical Administrative College
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