The Civil Engineering Department of the Erbil Technical Engineering College opened a training course about “Total Station Application in Civil Engineering Works.” that continued for three weeks (Two days a week) from 10/04/2022 to 25/04/2022. Ten Erbil Technical Engineering College lecturers participated in this training course in which the lessons were presented practically.

Four lecturers supervised the training course lessons who were Asst. Prof. Mr. Salar Khidher Hussein, Mr. Kamal Yassin Abdullah, Ms. Dilvin Hassan Omer, and Mr. Hoger Himdad, who in detail talked about the importance and the way of using total station instruments in the engineering works, projects, and lectures. Then, the participated lecturers implemented them practically.

Furthermore, the collected data from the stations were sent by the total station instrument to the Civil 3D program to design the roads. The training course attendees took great information, and after fulfilling the course, they received the participation certificate.