Erbil Polytechnic University Participates In N.E.W.S 16th International Annual Conference in China

On 21 and 22 of November 2019, a delegation of EPU consisted of Asst. Lecturer Mr. Bestun Abdulmajid Othman and Ms. Rawshan Othman Ali, academic at Koya Technical Institute attended an annual international conference of Global Universities hosted by China Three Gorge University in the city of Yinchuan.

In the conference, the representatives of EPU delivered a presentation about EPU in order to provide brief information concerning its background. It is worth mentioning that more than 29 universities and organizations from 15 different countries.

The conference was first initiated in 1994 by the Berlin University of Applied Science where they created a joint network of non-governmental organizational universities and colleges from Europe and East Asia called N.E.W.S. standing for North, East, West, and South and it has Members from all over the world.